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Posted on January 12, 2021 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Good Afternoon,
Something New
Many homeowners received a coupon book this year from Ashburn Village for their assessments. This booklet was sent to homeowners who do not have direct debit through the HOA bank (BB&T). The HOA office does not process monthly assessment payments only for those that pay annually. All payments must be mailed to the bank lockbox and must have the bill pay number on the check. That address and bill pay number is located on the coupon book. The coupon also has the online HOA payment information for those that do not want to mail checks. This can be used for setting up direct debit or one-time payments.  
With our new software and banking procedures this was scheduled to go out the first of the year. Many homeowners have already paid their assessments and might receive a booklet. No worries. If you have any questions, please call the office and ask to speak with Debra at extension 102, or send her an email at ddavis@ashburnvillage.org.  
Inspections - Encroachment
The Covenants Manager and staff are walking behind homes that back to large common areas to look for encroachment. We have received and noted many homeowners that are encroaching and placing items on the Association's property. You may not remove trees, place yard waste or build any type of structure on common area.
This is becoming an issue especially with homes that back to the lakes. There is a strip of common property between the homes and the lakes which belongs to the Association. Nothing may be placed, planted or removed from the Association's common areas/property.
COVID - Please follow the rules
As we have stated in every email since COVID began, you MUST wear a mask into and out of the Sports Pavilion and Tennis Bubble.
  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED inside AVSP, any time you are not engaged in vigorous physical activity, per the Governor's guidelines.
  • All of our staff wear masks, even while on the pool deck teaching lessons and in staff common areas.
  • All of the kids in our distance learning program wear masks.
  • We do ask members to wear their masks while not engaged in vigorous physical activity.
    • Those members that ignore the request, are asked to leave.
      • This is noted in their account, and if this occurs again, a formal complaint is turned in to the HOA and the BOD asking that the member's account be temporarily suspended due to not following COVID guidelines.
Additionally we are enforcing other social distancing and safety rules, which we have to enforce daily (asking members to leave, suspending memberships etc.) for things like:
  • Working out in the same box/area as another member
  • Spotting each other while lifting weights
  • Not wiping down equipment
  • Using equipment that is marked as not to be used due to social distancing protocols
Tennis Bubble
You must wear a mask into and out of the Bubble at all times. You may not enter until your reserved time and you must sign in. Failure to do so can result in suspension of membership.
Blue Waves
Two of our Blue Waves swimmers have tested positive for COVID in the last 3 weeks. This is one of the email blasts that was sent to all swimmers. While we are following very strict guidelines regarding the pool, we still had two positives and had to close the pool area.
As the operator of the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion, WTS’s paramount concern during the COVID-19 pandemic is your safety and well-being. We have reopened the facility in compliance with state and local laws and have implemented industry-leading, CDC-supported sanitation & operational protocols designed with your health in mind. Chief amongst our priorities during this time is transparency and open communication with you, our valued facility patrons.
It is with these priorities in mind, I write with the unfortunate news that an individual who has been recently in the INDOOR POOL AREA ONLY has reported to WTS that they have tested positive for COVID-19. Per WTS protocol, this individual will not be permitted to return to the facility until they are symptom-free for at least 14 consecutive days.
As a result and with your safety in mind, we will be closing the pool to the public at 9:30am today Monday January 11th and reopening it at 9:30am tomorrow, Tuesday January 12th to fully sanitize the pool deck and pool hallway in which the individual visited. We thank you for your understanding.
Board Meeting
Our next Virtual Board Meeting is Tuesday, January 26th at 6pm. The zoom link is located on our website.
Posted on December 15, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello Homeowners
Snow, snow and, maybe more snow
The weather forecast is calling for snow tomorrow through Thursday. Hopefully everyone has their ice melt and snow shovels ready. The Association will begin plowing as soon as we reach 3 inches or more. Our Facilities and Grounds team will be clearing out the Pavilion area, clubhouses and specific street areas. Our contractor will be onsite monitoring the storm and updating Management and the Board. 
We ask that all homeowners park in their garages and driveways. Some streets are very narrow and if the plows can't pass, they will not clear that area. In order for the plows to have maximum clearance in moving the snow, all cars need to be moved off the street area. For this reason and for winter storm purposes ONLY, we encourage townhome areas to park their extra vehicles in the clubhouse parking lots and playground parking lots to allow more room for the plows.
Please log onto our website for all snow related information. The full Snow Removal Policy and the list of streets that AVCA plows was also printed in the Winter Edition of The Villager magazine. The Pavilion will monitor and update homeowners via email blasts for possible early closing.
On another note ….
Our Holiday Drive-Thru event last Sunday was a complete success. Gayle Terrio and her AWESOME Pavilion staff, along with Joan Davis and others, did an amazing job. We had over 200 cars participate and everyone stayed in their vehicles with masks socially keeping their distance. It takes a Village and we have a great one.
We have over 38 homes registered in the Holiday Light Decorating Contest. A list of participating houses is available on our website. Pick the closest house to you to start the adventure. Even some of our Board members have joined in on the fun!! Of course any Board member or staff are not in the actual competition, they are just entered in the drive-through to celebrate this fun event. Voting ends on Thursday. Please only vote once.
Posted on July 29, 2020 8:00 AM by Admin
The Board of Directors voted on July 28, 2020 to amend the Vehicle Parking Policy.  Effective August 1, 2020, All residents must park on or in the direction of the driveway. All vehicles must be parked perpendicular to the plane of the garage.
The full Vehicle Parking Policy is available online to all Homeowners.
Landlords must notify their tenants of any additions and/or updates to AVCA policies.
Posted on April 6, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Management is receiving multiple complaints regarding trash and recycling. If you are a homeowner with renters, it is your responsibility to ensure your renters are informed and abide by the rules.
Trash pick-ups:
Trash is picked up Mondays and Thursdays, and recycling is picked up on Thursdays. Trash cans may be placed at the curb no earlier than 5 pm the night before pickup.
Yard Waste Monday Pickups to Continue :
  • We WILL continue to collect yard waste in Loudoun County and will only suspend YARD WASTE service if approved by County officials. We apologize for the confusion we created via calls and emails last week indicating that we were suspending the service. Again, we are continuing to collect yard waste in Loudoun County.
  • All trash bags must be placed into a trash can / bin.
  • With windy conditions we have recycle and trash being blown everywhere. Please do your part.
Ashburn Village Architectural and Environmental Guidelines
Not Before 5 pm
Containers are to be placed out at curbside after 5:00 p.m. the night before pick- up. Containers shall be removed and stored out of sight the same day as trash/recycling pickup. Trash containers and recycling bins must be stored on Owner’s property and out of open view. Trash and recycling containers may be stored in the garage or behind the rear plane of the home, against the structure.
Inside a Trash Can
Acceptable trash containers must be heavy duty with hinged lids. Trash bags must be placed inside a trash container for pick up. If the trash container is full, additional trash must be placed in a black contractor bag alongside the trash container.