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Posted on October 16, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Happy Friday Homeowners here in Ashburn Village,
Thank you to all our Homeowners who voted online and or mailed back their proxy. We had over 1,500 families vote at this Election. That is AWESOME.
The Board and Management team are happy to have Robert Crossett and Terry Brickerd rejoin the Board as Directors for the 2020-2022 term.
Thank you to all the homeowners who attended virtually.
Our next Board Meeting is Tuesday, October 27th at 6pm via Zoom. The Board will approve the Budget and discuss other projects happening in the Village. The Agenda is posted online and on our bulletin board every Friday before the Tuesday meeting. The Board meeting provides an open forum for homeowners to be heard. If you have an idea, suggestion or questions, please attend and participate.  
Last night the Board President Jason Mello briefly reviewed each Committee and what they are currently working on or expect to do. We have 5 committees. We encourage all homeowners to join a committee or attend a meeting. All meetings are Zoom calls for now. He stated the Association is financially solid and thanked our awesome groups of Volunteers. The Committees are Events, AERC, Finance, Landscape, and Tennis.
It is illegal to park in front of someone's mailbox. You can be towed. With families working from home, we know parking can be tough, however the mailman will NOT deliver mail, if the Cluster mailboxes are blocked or if there is a car in front of your mailbox. If you have guests, please make sure they do not block any mailbox. This has happened a few times and we receive notices that packages/mail cannot be delivered because of "obstructed mailbox". Many families rely on USPS mail for prescriptions and other much needed items.
We have multiple homes going on the market. Our Covenants team must inspect these homes and we are noticing multiple homes encroaching on Common Property. You may not plant or remove anything in the Common Area. If a tree or shrub is encroaching on your property, you may trim it back to your property line or submit a Kudos & Concern online.
If you back to the lake or other large common areas, you may not place benches, swings or anything down by the waterline. This is all Association property.
The wooded areas behind your home that are common areas must be left as is. You may not remove or add anything. Anything you add to your property must remain ON your property.
Management and Facilities and Grounds will remove items that are placed on Association's property. Unfortunately this is becoming an issue.
To close on a positive note, the Association is planting 200 new trees in the next 2 weeks. Management met with the Department of Forestry who walked and surveyed all our common areas. Due to overcrowding we will not be replacing all trees that were removed. This is being done in phases and more trees will be planted next year!
General Information
  • AVSP hours are Monday-Friday 5am-9pm and Saturday and Sunday 7am-5pm
  • The tennis bubble and indoor pool are now open! Both close at 8:30pm during the week. They close 30 minutes prior to the facility closing. 
  • For updated info on AVSP’s Phase 3 plans click here.
  • The indoor pool is reopen! The hours are Monday-Friday 5am-8:30pm, and Saturday and Sunday 7-4:30pm. No reservations are needed to swim.  
  • The next session of swim lessons will be October 22-December 16. Class information can be found online here. Registration is now open, and can be done online. If you have any questions or need help registering, please reach out to Kristina Hart at khart@ashburnvillage.org.  
  • Private and Semi-Private swim lessons have resumed. To get them setup and started, please email Kristina Hart at khart@ashburnvillage.org.
  • Our Distance Learning Program will NOW be offering three options for Ashburn Village Elementary Students. For more information about the three options, please click here.
  • Halloween School's Out Camp will be held on Monday October 26th from 7:30am-5:30pm for Village Residents only. We offer fun games, treats, pizza for lunch and a Pumpkin Patch. Cost for the camp will be $50 for one child and $45 for siblings. Spots are still available. To ask questions or register, please contact, Youth Program Director Erin May at emay@ashburnvillage.org.
Special Events
  • Sunday 10/25 is the Drive Thru Trunk or Treat and House Decorating Contest
    • Residents Receive a bag of candy and drive through the decorated trunks at AVSP
    • Then take the map of decorated houses and visit, snap a picture at ones with photo ops
    • Vote for your favorite house and trunk, prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place house and trunk. 
    • FREE to enter your TRUNK AND HOUSE , pre-registration required (must be an Ashburn Village Resident). Register by 10/22.  
      • To register your TRUNK click HERE.
      • To register your HOUSE click HERE.
    • The event is FREE and open to Ashburn Village Residents, registration is NOT required to attend.
Posted on October 13, 2020 7:00 AM by AVCA Management
Good Afternoon,
As a reminder, we are repairing and repaving the paths and trails around the lakes this week.
We are currently at Cedar Lake and will move to Beech next. We have the Lake areas marked with cones and caution tape, please stay off these areas. Depending on the weather, we should complete all trails in the next 2 weeks.
Sport Court
The Sport Court by the Lakes Clubhouse is having additional lines painted, so we are closing the court this Wednesday (tomorrow) and Thursday. We will open around noon on Friday.
Posted on October 9, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Happy Friday!
Thursday October 15th 2020. Virtual Meeting. We encourage all homeowners to dial in and see what our Board and Management have been working on and have in the plans for 2021. 
For the Annual Meeting, we will approve last year’s minutes, elect 2 new Directors and our Board President Jason Mello will give an update of all committees and Board affairs. This is also a great time for you as a homeowner to address the Board with ideas, concerns and suggestions. We have reached Quorum and thank everyone for sending in their proxies and ballots. You may still go online and vote or mail in your proxies. 
October Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 27th at 6pm. Virtual Zoom Meeting. 
Sports Pavilion
Pavilion Indoor Pool is OPEN. We have 3 dedicated lanes for our Homeowners to swim. Wear your mask into the facility and bring the kids and family to swim. The max is 5 people to a lane. The pool has not been busy at all, so just a reminder to come and swim safely. We have COVID safety protocols in place. Hand Sanitizer and distancing signs and reminders. 
Tennis Bubble is open to reserve Court time for the colder weather. All of this information can be found online. As a reminder there can be a maximum of 4 people to a court with 1 pro if needed. The maximum capacity in the Bubble at one time is 20. This is done to ensure we are following all COVID safety requirements and distancing. 
Pickleball courts: We have 2 at the Woods, 2 at the Lakes, 2 at the Mills and 1 inside the bubble. The Board and Management along with input from the Tennis Committee are looking at other areas to install courts as this is a great fast growing sport!
Currently we are working on repairing all the pathways / trails around the lakes.
Each time a fountain stops working, we have to remove it from the lake, take it to the shop and depending on the issue send it away to have it repaired. The biggest reason for repairs is the fishing wires, trash and debris. The fountains are a beautiful amenity, but are very expensive and cumbersome to repair. Please keep all trash and debris out of the lake areas. These fountains are for everyone to enjoy and are not always placed in the exact same location. 
Our Top HOA Complaints:
Pick up your dog waste.
Put your trash can away.
Mow your lawn. / Weed the front areas.
Do not monopolize the open parking spaces, they are for everyone to share. 
Be a good neighbor.
Have a great 3 Day Weekend and hope to see everyone at our Annual Meeting next Thursday!
Posted on October 2, 2020 3:30 PM by AVCA Management
Hello and Happy Friday, 
The Board held our September Board Meeting this past Wednesday. Thank you to our residents for dialing in. 
  • The Annual Meeting is October 15th. We have quorum and thank all our awesome homeowners for mailing in and going online to vote. 
  • We will have a November and December combined Board meeting on Dec. 8th. (virtual)
  • The Board made adjustments to the 2021 Draft Budget.
  • We discussed the Villager and whether we want to go Bi-monthly or Quarterly. We will also place it online. No decision was made.
  • We discussed Capital Expenditures that the Board and homeowners have recommended.
  • We ordered 200 trees to be placed in certain parcels of common area, per advice of the Department of Forestry. 
Areas for improvement that were discussed. Sample ideas:
  • Choptank Field – the workout stations around the field are very old and worn / wet swampy areas in the field.
  • Building a path around the Mills Field to walk when kids are practicing
  • Adding seating areas to courts and fields 
  • Sprucing up Fincastle Field – the Baseball field needs attention. It is being used for dogs to run around. Dogs are not allowed on the fields.
  • The Volleyball sand court needs to be refreshed and a border placed around the sand.
  • The Basketball Courts at Fincastle Field need attention.
  • The Basketball Courts at the Woods need attention.
  • Reviewing all 13 tennis courts and comparing with the Reserve Study for scheduled maintenance. 
We are looking at all aspects of the Village and prioritizing. 
Exterior Applications
Homeowners: before you change anything on the exterior of your home, you must submit an application and receive approval first. 
We encourage ALL homeowners to come join our committees. Each meeting is listed online on our Calendar and posted in the Villager. 
Events committee
Finance Committee
Landscape committee
AERC Committee
Tennis committee / pickleball socials 
The Board discussed the Association's tree policy. The policy is very clear, moving forward there are just some questions regarding tree removal that was done in the past. If a tree is dead in a wooded area, our policy is to cut and lay it down. We are following up on complaints regarding trees located in swale areas, trees in swampy areas, trees that were cut and stacked in areas. All of this was done years ago, but it is something we are looking to clean up or be able to explain why it is the way it is. Once these areas die back for the winter, we can more easily assess the issues. Our tree company has a licensed arborist on staff. Ron, our Project and Facilities Manager, met and walked with the Department of Forestry and they made great recommendations. We have contacted the County for specific guidelines on all swale, preserve and storm drain areas. Ron will meet with the Loudoun County Arborist and the Department of Forestry again soon. 
Sports Pavilion Update
New hours of operation as of October 1, 2020:
Monday-Friday 5am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday 7am-5pm 
Masks are required inside the facility, temperatures are being taken at check-in and waivers must be signed. 
The indoor pool has reopened! We have 3 lanes designated for homeowners only. No more than 5 to a lane. 
To view full rules/regulations in regards to COVID please click HERE.
The hours of operation are:
Monday-Friday 5am-8:30pm
Saturday- Sunday 7am-4:30pm
Tennis Tennis and MORE Tennis 
The Tennis bubble will open tomorrow, October 3rd!
You can call the front desk at Pavilion or go online to reserve indoor bubble court time. 
To view full rules/regulations in regards to COVID please click HERE.
You can now book courts online, click HERE to learn how.
The hours of operation are:
Monday-Friday 5am-8:30pm
Saturday- Sunday 7am-4:30pm
We have 7 painted pickleball courts:
2 at the Woods
2 at the Mills
2 at the Lakes 
1 inside the bubble at the Pavilion
We are looking to add pickleball courts at the indoor basketball court at the Pavilion. 
Upcoming Special Events
  • The car show scheduled for this weekend has been canceled due to low pre-registration and COVID concerns.
  • Tuesday 10/6 is the National Night Out Cookie Social at The Lakes from 5:30pm-7pm
    • This is an annual community building campaign that promotes police-community partnership and neighborhood comradery. 
    • The event will be held outside and social distancing will be in place, masks will be required.
    • All Ashburn Village Residents will receive free cookies from Captain Cookie compliments of the AVCA.
  • Sunday 10/25 is the Drive Thru Trunk or Treat and House Decorating Contest
    • Residents Receive a bag of candy and drive through the decorated trunks at AVSP
    • Then take the map of decorated houses and visit, snap a picture at ones with photo ops
    • Vote for your favorite house and trunk, prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place house and trunk. 
    • FREE to enter your TRUNK AND HOUSE, pre-registration required (must be an Ashburn Village Resident). Register by 10/22.  
    • To register your TRUNK click HERE.
    • To register your HOUSE click HERE.
    • The event is FREE and open to Ashburn Village Residents, registration is NOT required to attend.
Posted on September 25, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello and Happy Friday,
The September Board Meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday, September 30th, at 6pm.
The Annual Meeting is Thursday, October 15th, 6pm – Thank you to everyone who has voted, we now have quorum and are able to host the meeting.
September Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm – Virtual Meeting
Zoom link located on our website.
Annual Meeting
Thursday, October 15th at 6pm – Virtual Meeting
October Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 27th at 6pm – Virtual Meeting
All Zoom call information can be found on our website. 
Townhome Parking
We are receiving multiple complaints regarding stored vehicles left in parking spaces for weeks at a time. The Covenants department is following up on these complaints and will be tagging these cars to see if they are abandoned.
The Visitor spaces are for visitors. For families that have 3 or more cars, park your vehicle out on the roadway to be considerate of your neighbors. It is not neighborly for one family to take all the open spaces in a small townhome community. This has been an ongoing issue for years and the board is looking at ways to alleviate this problem.
Paint Cans
Do NOT place paint cans or paint of any sort in the trash or recycle. 
Paint cans are NOT permitted in the trash and recycle bins. Lately owners have been placing cans in their trash. The truck smashes the cans and the paint drips and leaks for blocks through Ashburn Village. This is the 3rd time now that the Association will have to spend money to power wash or clean up spilt paint from a homeowner placing cans in the trash. The trash workers are stepping in it and the cars are rolling through it and tracking it everywhere.
Walking on the Lake Paths
The paths around the lakes are for WALKERS and families to enjoy. If you are on your bike you need to yield to the walkers, joggers, and kids on the path. Management has been contacted by multiple homeowners being run into or over by kids and adults on bikes. Be careful.
Leashing and controlling your dog
Please pay attention when walking your dogs around the lakes. We are getting complaints that homeowners are on their phones and their dog is running up to everyone walking. Some people are allergic, afraid or just don’t care for dogs. Please control your dog.
Gayle Terrio and her awesome Pavilion staff are gearing up for October 1st, as we will be opening the indoor pool and the tennis bubble. We have COVID policies and proper distancing posted at both locations. 
Kristina Hart and Gayle are busy organizing all swim programs and coordinating ways to keep the area safe for our homeowners and the 3 dedicated lap lanes.
Ben Leahy and his Tennis team rolled out the programming for the fall tennis program and the tennis bubble. For all our homeowners that would like to reserve court time, please contact the Pavilion or go online for all tennis information.
Member Registration for Fall II Tennis session now open!!
Posted on September 18, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Happy Friday
Draft Budget Meeting
The Board hosted a 3 hour draft Budget meeting on Wednesday. We will not be increasing assessments this year based on our 2021 budget and numbers.
A HUGE thank you to our Finance Committee Chair Jim Heigl and to the Committee. This group is very thorough and adds a great set of eyes and financial expertise to our Board and Management. 
Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 22nd at 6pm – Virtual Meeting
Zoom link located on our website.
Annual Meeting
Thursday, October 15th at 6pm – Virtual Meeting
October Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 27th at 6pm – Virtual Meeting
All Zoom call information can be found on our website. 
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting notice and online voting information was sent last week. Even though we have 2 open spaces and 2 candidates, we still need everyone to send in their proxy or go online and vote. 
WHY do I need to send this, if there are 2 candidates and 2 open spaces? 
We still have to meet quorum to hold a meeting. An annual meeting is held to elect new members and to approve the previous year's meeting minutes. Please vote so we can hold the meeting. ????
Cut Your Grass
The HOA office has been receiving multiple calls and emails regarding neighbors not maintaining their yards and property. There are multiple streets with beautifully landscaped homes, and that one home on the corner with grass up to your knees and overgrown bushes. The Board and Management are committed to enhancing and beautifying Ashburn Village, but we need everyone’s participation. All homeowners must maintain their yards and homes. Cut the grass, pull the weeds, remove the multiple newspapers out of your driveway. Place your trash can out of sight. All of this helps to keep our home values up and our community a desirable place to live.
Our covenants staff is very busy with the complaints and unkept properties. Per the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, all units must properly maintain the exterior of their home and property. Thank you for being an awesome neighbor!
Pavilion News
The indoor pool and the tennis bubble are both slated to open October 1st. The hours will be modified and all staff will be adhering to safety protocols. The indoor pool will have 3 lanes open at all times to resident. The other 3 lanes will be used for swim practice and lessons.  
Indoor Pool and Tennis Bubble Hours
Monday through Friday – 5 am-8:30 pm 
Saturday and Sunday – 7 am-4:30 pm
The Indoor pool can have a maximum of 30 people in the indoor area at one time.
The tennis bubble can have a maximum of 20 people inside at one time.  
Ashburn Village is in compliance with what the County and Health Department are implementing. These restrictions are in place due to COVID, however the Board will review and make changes if needed or allowed.  
Village Events
  • Drive in Movie – There are a few spaces left in tonight's (9/18) showing of Avengers End Game at the Sports Pavilion. The movie starts at 9:40 pm. To secure a space, please email gterrio@ashburnvillage.org 
  • Yard Sale – Saturday 9/19 is the Village-wide yard sale. Maps can be found here. Shredding will also be available for free to Ashburn Village Residents from 11 am - 2 pm at the Lakes Recreation Center.
  • Cars for a Cause – Ashburn Village’s Annual Cars for a Cause will be held on Saturday 10/3 at The Lakes Recreation Center. This event will follow social distancing guidelines and benefit the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. To register your car, click here. Registration not required for spectators, admission is FREE.  
  • National Night Out – National Night Out is Tuesday 10/6 from 5:30 pm - 7 pm at The Lakes Recreation Center. Visit with LCSO and AVFRD officials and enjoy a sweet treat from Captain Cookie compliments of the AVCA.
  • Spooktacular – Spooktacular Trunk or Treat will be held on Sunday 10/25 from 6 pm - 7:30 pm at AVSP. Click here to register your vehicle / hand out candy. Registration is not required for spectators, admission is FREE.  
General AVSP Reminders
  • Masks are now required while in the facility, except when engaged in physical activity
  • Temperatures will be taken when entering the facility
  • Hours : Monday–Friday 5 am - 7 pm and Saturday–Sunday 7 am - 5 pm
  • Teen Weight Training Hours are 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Monday–Thursday
Distance Learning Program
A few spaces left! – The Youth Program at the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion will host a Distance Learning Program for Ashburn Village Residents in elementary school. For more information on the program, please click the following links below
Contract Court Time Applications for the bubble are now being accepted. Click here for the application. Contract applications are due ASAP, OTM’s may register starting 10/2. Contract time will start 10/19.
Posted on September 3, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Just a reminder that the Woods and Lakes pools are open the same hours through Monday.
The hours will change after Labor Day. As of Tuesday, the Lakes pool will be the only pool open and the hours will be
Monday – Friday, 4 pm – 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday, 11 am – 7:30 pm 
Board Meeting 
Tuesday, September 22nd Zoom virtual meeting at 6 pm. (Link will be posted online.) 
Working Board Budget Meeting 
Wednesday, September 16th 6 pm. Zoom virtual meeting (Link will be posted online.) 
Pavilion Hours are now 
Monday through Friday 5am – 8pm 
Saturday and Sunday 7am – 5pm 
Labor Day Monday is 7am – 5pm. (Holiday hours)
Have a great weekend.
Posted on July 29, 2020 8:00 AM by Admin
The Board of Directors voted on July 28, 2020 to amend the Vehicle Parking Policy.  Effective August 1, 2020, All residents must park on or in the direction of the driveway. All vehicles must be parked perpendicular to the plane of the garage.
The full Vehicle Parking Policy is available online to all Homeowners.
Landlords must notify their tenants of any additions and/or updates to AVCA policies.
Posted on April 6, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Management is receiving multiple complaints regarding trash and recycling. If you are a homeowner with renters, it is your responsibility to ensure your renters are informed and abide by the rules.
Trash pick-ups:
Trash is picked up Mondays and Thursdays, and recycling is picked up on Thursdays. Trash cans may be placed at the curb no earlier than 5 pm the night before pickup.
Yard Waste Monday Pickups to Continue :
  • We WILL continue to collect yard waste in Loudoun County and will only suspend YARD WASTE service if approved by County officials. We apologize for the confusion we created via calls and emails last week indicating that we were suspending the service. Again, we are continuing to collect yard waste in Loudoun County.
  • All trash bags must be placed into a trash can / bin.
  • With windy conditions we have recycle and trash being blown everywhere. Please do your part.
Ashburn Village Architectural and Environmental Guidelines
Not Before 5 pm
Containers are to be placed out at curbside after 5:00 p.m. the night before pick- up. Containers shall be removed and stored out of sight the same day as trash/recycling pickup. Trash containers and recycling bins must be stored on Owner’s property and out of open view. Trash and recycling containers may be stored in the garage or behind the rear plane of the home, against the structure.
Inside a Trash Can
Acceptable trash containers must be heavy duty with hinged lids. Trash bags must be placed inside a trash container for pick up. If the trash container is full, additional trash must be placed in a black contractor bag alongside the trash container.