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Posted on May 29, 2020 4:23 PM by AVCA Management
Hello Homeowners and Residents of Ashburn Village,
Ashburn Village Reopening Plan for Phase One
  • Gymnasiums, recreation centers, swimming pools, indoor sports facilities, and indoor exercise facilities and basketball courts must remain closed in Phase I.
  • Establishments may offer limited outdoor fitness and exercise operations.
  • Ashburn Village will begin reopening facilities and amenities once Loudoun County enters Phase One (projected date: Friday, May 29th). As COVID-19 is still a threat, you are still Safer at Home.
AVCA will open the following facilities and amenities for owners and residents to use at their own risk:
  • Tennis, and volleyball courts
  • Fields and trails
  • Groups at all of these facilities/amenities may not exceed 10 people and must practice proper social distancing.
The following facilities, amenities, and services will remain closed during Phase One:
  • Pools, playgrounds, and tot lots
  • Clubhouse rentals
  • Basketball courts, per page 17 of Governor's report.
  • Management Office
  • Notary services
The Board and Management appreciate everyone’s patience during these trying times. Unfortunately information and updates change on a daily basis. The Association must follow the guidelines of the Governor and the State of VA. As soon as the Governor releases information regarding pool openings and basketball courts, we will let you know. Yesterday I posted basketball courts will reopen. Unfortunately on page 17 of the stay orders it says Basketball courts must remain closed.
All Board and Committee meetings are posted on the calendar on our website and in the Villager.
Our Board Meeting Tuesday was a virtual meeting.
  • The Board discussed and approved hiring a new Finance Manager
  • The Board discussed starting a new Tennis Committee. The Committee disbanded in 2013. More details and information to follow.
  • The Board discussed current contracts / impact from COVID and what to do moving forward. All of this depends on Phase 1 and Phase 2 details.
  • The Board discussed how to implement a slow opening for the Pavilion and ideas with Gayle Terrio the GM at the Pavilion.
Again, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Please note that the Management office has no control over when the pools or basketball courts open. We are an HOA, however we are bound by the State Statues and Orders. Multiple Board members have small children and want the pools to open as badly as you.
As soon as the Governor lifts the stay or adjusts the phases we will be ready to open.
The Association is not responsible for monitoring or regulating the social distance policy. The Management office has no control over large crowds gathering on the lakes, docks and trails. Please call the police non-emergency line. We do have surveillance cameras and motion activated lighting at all clubhouses and pool facilities.
Thank you and have a great safe and healthy weekend.
Posted on May 28, 2020 8:48 AM by AVCA Management
  • Entertainment and amusement businesses remain closed
  • Fitness centers remain closed unless there is an outdoor exercise area
  • Beaches are for exercise and fishing only
  • Places of worship can have 50 percent indoor capacity and drive-through services
  • Barbershops and salons will be appointment only with strict social distancing and a requirement of face coverings. 
  • Private campgrounds can reopen
  • State parks will still be day use only, with a slow phase-in of overnight camping
  • Child care remains open for essential workers only
  • Overnight summer camps will remain closed.
  • Policies to keep customers and workers separate at in-person businesses
  • Conferences and trade shows limited, as short as possible
  • No social gatherings of more than 10 individuals
  • Short breaks for workers to wash hands
  • Outdoor fitness activities only
Posted on May 8, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello Homeowners and Happy Friday,
We hope everyone is safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.
The Governor spoke today at 2pm regarding the anticipated roll out of Phase 1. Based on the numbers continuing on a downward trend, Phase 1 would begin on May 15th. This has no impact on operations or openings here in the Village. The Pavilion, pools, playgrounds, courts and fields will still remain closed per Loudoun County and the Governor's orders. We will continue to monitor the Governor's website and update you when information is released.
Management is currently working on RFP’s for Landscaping and Trash Removal. We plan to go out for bid soon.
  • This week our Facilities and Grounds staff is working on getting the pools ready. When the time comes to open, we want them ready to go.
  • F&G replaced old signs and installed new signs around the lakes and playground areas.
  • We are working with a tree removal company to remove all the downed trees from the storms.
  • Currently we are backed up on lights. The large amounts of rain has made it impossible to change the bulbs.
  • Gayle and her limited staff are cleaning and getting the Pavilion ready. They are sending weekly updates to inform everyone of their schedule.
  • Drains and swale areas are being cleaned out due to all the rain.
During this time we are receiving multiple complaints regarding homeowners and renters. Please read below and see how you can do your part to be a good neighbor.
Mow Your Lawn 
We understand the large volume of rain but many yards, especially the townhomes, are knee high in grass. It is not fair to the homeowners who take great pride in the way their home looks to have a jungle next door. If you have renters, please make sure they are taking care of the lawn. The Association should not have to mail you a violation letter for you to take care of your property.
Pick Up the Papers
In driving through the Village, there are multiple homes with 5 newspapers and flyers in the driveway. Please remove these as they blow all over the neighborhood.
Trash Cans and Bins
We are receiving more complaints now than ever. With multiple people working from home, this should not be an issue. There should NEVER be a trash bin or tote out on a Friday or over the weekend. The tote may go out on Sunday after 5pm.
Please be neighborly and park correctly. Driveways and garages are to be used. It is not right for a homeowner or renters to park in front of their neighbors' homes daily and leave their driveways open. Do not park across the sidewalk or apron.
Do not feed the geese. We know they are cute and you are bored, but they leave a mess on the trails. Again, we pay Goose Rangers monthly to come and chase them away. Cathy is the owner and you will see her with her with a big jug and border collies. She has been with the Village for years and is an interesting business owner. Say hello to Cathy when you see her out and about.
Stealing the Fish
The association pays to stock the fish in the Lakes for CATCH AND RELEASE fishing. We stock carp, bass, minnows, catfish and other fish. We purposely stock bottom feeders and algae eaters. Lately we have received multiple complaints regarding people fishing with coolers and actually taking the fish. If you see someone taking fish please let management know, as they are very expensive and in the lakes for a reason.
Posted on May 1, 2020 5:00 PM by AVCA Management
Board of Directors Meeting
We conducted our first ever Zoom virtual Board Meeting on Tuesday.
Gayle from the Pavilion gave an update:
  • Limited staff working from home
  • Virtual classes offered on Facebook
  • Maintenance and updates. Our Facilities and Grounds crew have used this time to maintain and update everything, so we don’t have to have a “Close Week” in August.
  • We installed a brand new aerobics flooring, as the old one was lifting. The pool deck was power washed and we are getting ready for pool season.
  • The Pavilion will be hosting their own “Drive In Movie Night”, more information to follow.
Irene our Covenants Director discussed the large number of applications regarding exterior modifications. Irene and the Committee were impressed with the fully completed forms. If you ever have any questions regarding your application or an exterior modification, please call the office. We are happy to help. The AERC hosted a virtual meeting in April and will host another in May. Please log onto our website as ALL meetings are posted.
Jim Heigl our Finance Committee Chair discussed the financials and a breakdown of costs. Jim discussed with the Treasurer our current banking and Reserve accounts. He also met with the GM to review current contracts and to discuss future RFP’s. We highlighted the contracts that needed reviewing and provided them to the Board.
The Board negotiated with WTS and the pool company regarding services and payment. We are monitoring all spending, so if it was not pre-approved last year or slated in the Reserve Study we are placing it on hold.
The Board approved the following:
  • Based on the Treasurer and Finance Committee suggestion, we reinvested expiring CD’s. 
  • Implemented a new Tree Policy, which can be found on our website.
  • Discussed and approved maintaining all Pollinator gardens around the Lakes.
  • Maintenance and repair of the Sport Court near the Lakes Rec Center per the Reserve Study
  • Impact of COVID-19 on our pool opening and the 4th of July Fireworks. At this point, until the Governor speaks and lifts or modifies the stay, we are on hold. This includes all courts and fields.
Repairs Around the Village
We have received multiple complaints regarding maintenance on sidewalks and curbs. The HOA is not currently performing any repairs. The trucks and cables and sidewalk repair areas are all VDOT. Some of the sidewalks have gaps or chunks missing or are not finished. We have contacted VDOT to come and finish the areas. The County does have a right of passage on certain areas regarding VDOT sidewalks and streets. Look for the red and white signs that VDOT has posted for further information.
We have multiple Kudos & Concerns coming in regarding lights out and trees down. We are actively working to get these resolved.
Towing Enforcement
Townhome residents: please do not park across your yard or driveway apron. We are continuing to tow as some areas are out of control.
Playgrounds Remain Closed
The fields, courts and playgrounds are closed. Homeowners are sending pictures of families climbing the fencing and playing on the new playgrounds. We have posted no trespassing signs. Stay off.
Don't Feed the Geese
The Association pays the Goose Ranger monthly to chase the geese away. Feeding them is not helping our cause. With COVID-19 and the stay home order in effect, more and more families are out walking the trails and lakes. If you continue to feed the geese, you will not be able to walk the trails! The geese flood the trails and common area with their waste.
Posted on April 27, 2020 9:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello Homeowners
The Board and Management would like to thank all our residents for adhering to the Governor's orders to shelter in place. The HOA staff continues to work to keep the Village running smoothly. At this time we are focusing on urgent or immediate needs. Routine maintenance and items that do not constitute immediate action will be deferred to a later date.
The Board and Management will be hosting a virtual meeting Tuesday, April 28th at 6pm. The agenda is posted on our website.
If you have any questions for this meeting, please use the online form found on our website. This form is found under Contact> Compliments&Concerns, add “BOD Meeting“ for the concern location. Please submit any questions before 5 PM Monday, April 27.
The meeting log in information can be found on the BOD Meeting Minutes, and Agenda page.
Stay home and stay safe.
Posted on April 10, 2020 2:30 PM by AVCA Management
Hello Homeowners and Residents of Ashburn Village,
AVCA Status
Management, the Board and Gayle Terrio at the Pavilion are still working hard to try to keep everyone safe and updated.
We currently have 3 employees in the office and all other staff is working from home. Our Facilities and Grounds team will be out in force next week. Covenants and staff are very busy with resales, disclosures and AERC applications. We placed all lot-by-lot reviews on hold, however you still might see staff inspecting homes for resale purposes.
Playgrounds, Fields and Courts Closed
All fields, parks, playgrounds and courts are closed. We have placed No Trespassing signs at all locations. No practices, drills or coaching may be done at any outdoor facility. The fields are closed to all people and dogs.
Trash and Recycling
We are aware of issues with trash pickup. They seem to be skipping streets or homes. We have contacted them and their response is they are short staffed and running behind. We have demanded they pick up service as this is an ongoing issue.
Common Areas
Homeowners are dumping yard waste and tree limbs in the common areas. Today we noticed fresh grass clippings behind fenced yards in the common area. Bag your clippings and branches and place by the curb for Monday yard waste pick-up.
Congregating on the Trails
Please stay 6 feet away from everyone while walking the lakes and trails.
Leave the Wildlife where it is. We are receiving multiple calls regarding children with buckets collecting our wildlife. PLEASE leave the turtles and frogs where they are. Look but don't touch!
Sports Pavilion
  • AVSP offers 33 virtual classes a week on their Facebook page. 
  • AVSP is hosting an Easter Egg Decorating contest, submission is now closed but you can vote for your favorite egg, the winner from each age group will get an eggselent prize pack and recognition on our social media!
  • Ashburn Village has teamed up with AJPhotoz for a photo project capturing Ashburn Village Residents appreciation for our Front Line Heroes. There are 2 areas left in the project!
  • Each Tuesday we will feature a different Ashburn Village Restaurant for Takeout Tuesday! Show your support for this Tuesday by ordering from the Ashburn Pub, mention you are a resident and receive 10% off your order.  
Posted on April 6, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Management is receiving multiple complaints regarding trash and recycling. If you are a homeowner with renters, it is your responsibility to ensure your renters are informed and abide by the rules.
Trash pick-ups:
Trash is picked up Mondays and Thursdays, and recycling is picked up on Thursdays. Trash cans may be placed at the curb no earlier than 5 pm the night before pickup.
Yard Waste Monday Pickups to Continue :
  • We WILL continue to collect yard waste in Loudoun County and will only suspend YARD WASTE service if approved by County officials. We apologize for the confusion we created via calls and emails last week indicating that we were suspending the service. Again, we are continuing to collect yard waste in Loudoun County.
  • All trash bags must be placed into a trash can / bin.
  • With windy conditions we have recycle and trash being blown everywhere. Please do your part.
Ashburn Village Architectural and Environmental Guidelines
Not Before 5 pm
Containers are to be placed out at curbside after 5:00 p.m. the night before pick- up. Containers shall be removed and stored out of sight the same day as trash/recycling pickup. Trash containers and recycling bins must be stored on Owner’s property and out of open view. Trash and recycling containers may be stored in the garage or behind the rear plane of the home, against the structure.
Inside a Trash Can
Acceptable trash containers must be heavy duty with hinged lids. Trash bags must be placed inside a trash container for pick up. If the trash container is full, additional trash must be placed in a black contractor bag alongside the trash container.
Posted on March 30, 2020 4:40 PM by AVCA Management
All Amenities Closed until further notice
The Basketball courts, Tennis courts and Playgrounds are closed and will remain closed to the public until further notice.
Walking Trails / Bike trails remain open but we encourage social distancing. We have received multiple complaints regarding large gatherings of kids and young adults. If you see this please call the Sheriffs department.
HOA Office
Will remain open for business but will be closed to the public until April 30th
Please email or call in with any of your needs avca@ashburnvillage.org or 703-723-7910
Sports Pavilion
Will remain closed to the public until Thursday April 30th
Please check our Facebook page for fun fitness tips and class demos
Email General Manager GayleTerrio at gterrio@ashburnvillage.org with any questions
Recreation Centers
Will remain closed for rentals until April 30th
Thank you for your understanding during this time. We will re evaluate closer to the 30th regarding re opening.
Posted on March 20, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
March BOD Meeting Canceled
Due to COVID-19 and requirements for our Board meetings, we have cancelled the March meeting. We will continue to update all homeowners regarding the April Board Meeting. In the meantime we are in contact with the associations attorney in regards to policies and procedures.
AVCA Office and Pavilion Closed
The AVCA office is open regular hours, but closed to the public until March 31st. The Pavilion is closed until March 31st. We will reevaluate on April 1st. 
All meetings and events are canceled at all clubhouses thru April 15th. We will reevaluate then.
Parents - Please Limit Groups on Playgrounds and Courts
The Board and Management have children and we understand that kids need to get out of the house and play. With that said, in driving by the basketball courts and playgrounds, there are easily over 20 kids playing together. If we are to properly follow the COVID-19 instructions, no more than a group of 10 should be together. This includes the tennis courts and around the Lakes. Please try to limit the large groups of kids playing. If we all do our part, hopefully this will end soon.
Wingler House
Wingler House is our 55 and older Community here in the Village. They have 264 apartments that rent for lower income. It is located across the street from Farmwell Elementary. Donna and Suzette are the managers and Donna has been there since it opened in 1999. We are following up with them to see what they need. The Loudoun Relief and Food Pantry have been in contact. Wingler has a bus and can transport owners to the grocery store and pharmacy, but they can only take 6 people at a time. The Pavilion has a large bus and Gail is checking with insurance to see how we can assist. Donna said a few owners here in the Village have called to see how they can help. Ashburn Village is the best!
If you have elderly people on your street, in your building, or next door, please check on them. If you need a ride or assistance, please reach out to the AVCA office. We want to make sure everyone has access to the grocery stores and pharmacies.
We have had multiple homeowners reach out and ask if there is anyone in the Village in need.
Annual Inspections Suspended
The Board and Management, on the recommendation of our Covenants Manager Irene, have suspended all annual inspections for the next month. We are hoping this gives homeowners additional time to inspect their own property and unit. This inspection is done to ensure all properties are being properly maintained and to preserve the value of all homes in the Village.
Inspectors will continue to be out and about in the Village to address community concerns and reinspect open violations. Please remember to pull in your trash cans and maintain your property.
What's Going on in the Village
  • Jan-Pro was at the Pavilion this morning and provided their enviro-guard in the entire facility.
  • This week we finished scraping, power washing and painting the black fencing around the Pavilion pool to match the new kids' fencing that went in on the back side of the Pavilion. 
  • The lettering was installed today at the Pavilion sign.
  • The playground at the Mills is complete.
  • The F&G guys installed 3 pole lights this week.
  • We redid the wiring and trenched Gala and Jersey Mills to finally have lights working.
  • Installed the new outdoor water fountain at the Pavilion.
  • F&G worked on scraping and painting all fencing at the pools and courts.
  • The F&G guys installed lights at the Mills and Woods. They are starting on the Lakes today. It is very dark at night and these are motion sensor lights.
  • F&G guys are installing the new playground signs at the Gloucester playground.
  • At the Woods Pool, the conduit and electrical inspections have been completed. They will pour concrete once they get the trenches backfilled. We are waiting on the drains to be delivered, but the trucking industry has slowed delivery due to Corona Virus.
  • The rotted wood on the top pergola on the dock was replaced behind the HOA office.
  • At the Pavilion, the entire rear kids outside area was power washed, all old sheds were removed and the kids play area/picnic tables were cleaned up/
  • The sauna and steam room at the Pavilion were opened up, cleaned and closed down.
Posted on March 13, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
The Board and Management with the assistance of Gayle Terrio and WTS are monitoring the Corona Virus updates. We will keep everyone informed regarding the Pavilion and updated closures and cancellations. 
  • All Blue Waves swim practices are cancelled until March 30th. We will reevaluate then to see if it is safe for our kids to return. 
  • The Clubhouses are closed for rentals for the next 30 days. We are having them professionally cleaned and treated.
Annual Property Reviews
Per our association documents and rules and regulations, the covenants inspectors have begun their annual inspections for 2020. This is done to enforce the rules and regulations of the community. With every email and monthly Villager, we are trying to over educate you so as to limit violations. The inspectors do not make these rules, they are paid to educate and enforce them. Management's goal is not to make money or fine homeowners, it is to ensure that all properties are properly maintained. In order to do that, the inspectors will be looking at the front, back and sides of your property. They walk the perimeter of the property. If you have a gate, we will not open the gate and come in the back yard. Due to shrubs, trees and bushes, the inspector might need to walk into or around your backyard. Irene, Jen and Jess are our inspectors. They are great and very approachable if you have any questions, or you can call the office and ask for Alexis. 
Upcoming Events
Our 2nd Knowledgeable Neighbors is this Sunday, March 15th from 1:00pm-2:30pm at Old Ox Brewery. The topic is How to Avoid Back Surgery and will be led by Ashburn Village Resident Dr. Allen Carl, retired professor of Spine Surgery. See our Upcoming Events calendar here.
Sports Pavilion
For health and safety reasons, we are honoring Loudoun County Public Schools' decision to close their facilities and will not be running Camps for the Youth Department or our Kidzone at this time. All other programming - tennis, aquatics and fitness - is scheduled to run as normal, as are the building's operating hours.  
Staff members are taking precautionary steps to ensure we provide the safest environment for you to workout in. We have ordered extra: sanitizing swipes for the machines, hand sanitizer, bleach/antibacterial cleaning agents for our janitorial crew, soap, and new touchless hand sanitizing stations that will be installed on the walls around the building. You may notice some of our staff members wearing gloves. That is as a precautionary measure when doing towels, cleaning and/or checking members in and out. While our staff is taking precautionary measures, we need your help in protecting the community as well, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask you to please follow the CDC’s guidelines and some of our own: 
If you or a family member are not feeling well (coughing, sneezing, body aches, etc.), please stay home and do not attend class or use the club.
Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after classes.
Wipe down all equipment used in a class or in a personal workout with sanitizing swipes.
Follow proper cough and sneeze etiquette, as well as hand hygiene.  
We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. Please understand that we are monitoring everything and it is an hour by hour situation and not a day by day at this point. Please feel free to reach out to our AVSP General Manager Gayle Terrio with any questions or concerns gterrio@ashburnvillage.org