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The Ashburn Village Community Association is providing a program called the Ashburn Village Neighbor-2-Neighbor Program which will allow residents who are willing to help their fellow residents during snow events.  This could include removing snow from sidewalks and driveways, providing 4x4 services.  
Residents who are interested in providing these services to their neighbors should sign-up to be included on any lists. 
For more information and to see how to obtain some assistance please visit the Neighbor-2-Neighbor page.  
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How can you stay informed?
To learn more about Northern Virginia snow removal and VDOT, click here.
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Source:  Loudoun County Water -
As the weather remains colder, remember the importance of preventing frozen pipes and meters. If you suspect that you have a frozen pipe or meter that is not within your home, please call Loudoun Water at 571-291-7880 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) or after hours emergency number at 571-291-7878 before contacting a plumber. 
It doesn't take long for meters and pipes to freeze during extreme cold spells, especially when temperatures dip below 32F. If your pipes or meter freezes, you will not have water. As we head into the coldest months of the season, it's important to protect your pipes as much as possible. Preventative measures include:
Disconnect and Drain Outdoor Hosebibs
Remove your garden hose from the outdoor spigot. Then drain all of the water out of your hose for proper storage. Turn off your water supply to all outdoor spigots and "turn on" your faucets outside to drain any remaining water before turning it off again. 
When Temperatures Dip, Let it Drip!
To keep water flowing through the pipes in your home, let your faucets drip. If you are concerned about wasting water, place a jug underneath to catch the drips and use it to water indoor plants! The amount of water used for this purpose costs significantly less than it would cost to fix the damage from a frozen pipe.
Insulate your pipes
Insulate pipes in unheated spaces like the garage, in unfinished basement areas and under cabinets along outside walls. Pipe insulation is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. 
Cabinet Doors Open
During extreme cold spells, leave cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate better. If you do this, make sure to remove any hazardous materials so that children and pets can't have access.
Set the Thermostat
Whether you’re at home or away traveling, keep your thermostat set no lower than 55F. Travelers will often make the mistake of turning their thermostats off thinking it will save on their heating bill when in reality, they'll come home to frozen pipes.
Monitor the Weather
Keep an eye on the weather forecast to know when to take precautions. Make sure to keep your garage door closed, especially if there are water supply lines located in there, when temperatures dip.
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Loudoun County has launched a new online tool to help residents determine the entity that is responsible for maintaining roads within the county, including snow removal and surface repairs.

The interactive, searchable map provides users with a resource for navigating the complex maintenance responsibility system for the road network in the county. In addition, the map links to a webpage with contact information for the various entities to help residents report concerns about maintenance to the correct entity. 

Users may search by a street address, view responsibility by color-coded system or click on a particular road and a pop-up box will appear indicating road maintenance responsibility. The responsibility for road maintenance in Loudoun County varies by road. Most roads are maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), one of the county's incorporated towns, and private entities, such as homeowners associations (HOA). 

“This tool is particularly useful for identifying maintenance responsibility in residential neighborhoods, which sometimes have two different responsible entities for two adjacent roads,” said Department of Building and Development Director Mike Seigfried. “In advance of snow events, for example, residents can learn whether their HOAs will plow snow on their streets and then contact their HOAs to learn about their snow-removal plans.”

As newly-constructed roads are developed, maintenance responsibility may change from one entity to another, such as from a developer to a homeowners association. The Loudoun County map will be updated on a monthly basis. 

A link to the map and contact information for the various entities involved in road maintenance in the county may be found on the Loudoun County website at
For more information and county resources regarding Winter Weather, check out the County's webpage at:
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The Capital Weather Gang is a great source for getting accurate weather reports for our area.  FOLLOW them on Twitter at @capitalweather or LIKE them on Facebook at
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Now is the time before the snow comes to review all of the Association's snow information.  Below are a list of links that will help you be prepared for any upcoming snow storms.  All storm information will be posted on the Snow Central Blog.  Important storm information will be sent out via email and Twitter.
1.  If you are not signed up for the AVCA's mailing list, please click here to signup.
2.  Follow the AVCA on Twitter:  @Ashburn_Village
3.  Review the AVCA Snow Removal Policy.
4.  Find out if you live on an AVCA street or VDOT street by clicking here.  You can also go to the County's website and search for your street to see who is responsible for road maintenance at
5.  If you have a snow concern about an AVCA street or other issue, use the online Community Concern Form to report it.
6.  If you live on a VDOT street and have questions about snow removal, click here.