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2024 Field Rentals Calendar

Click here to view the 2024 field rentals calendar.

Annual Property Reviews In Progress

These inspections are done annually to ensure all homeowners keep up with their exterior maintenance and are following Ashburn Village rules and regulations.

All reviews are performed by AVCA Covenant Staff. Click HERE for the right of access policy. Staff does not enter fenced yards or access decks during these reviews, except if a Resale Certificate Package is requested.

Ashburn Village Common Area Planting Initiative

Announcement to AVCA Homeowners
Ashburn Village Common Area Planting Program
The AVCA is beginning a reforestation effort to plant more native trees and shrubs in our common areas, and we need your input to prioritize common area plantings over the next few years.  The AVCA is initiating two programs to add native trees and shrubs to our common areas in the fall.  You can have a say in what trees get planted and where by completing the surveys below. 
1. Ashburn Village Homeowner Recommendations for Common Area Plantings
Homeowners may provide their input on the common areas most in need of trees and shrubs.  The AVCA Landscape Committee will review this input, prioritize plantings, and then plant as many trees and shrubs as the AVCA landscape enhancement budget will allow.  This program will continue annually until at least 2026.  Please focus on common areas that will impact many residents. 
NOTE: Homeowners have until May 31 to complete the survey.
2.   Homeowner Common Area Tree Donation Program
For homeowners who want trees planted in the common areas next to their lot (to improve privacy, serve as a sound or light buffer, provide shade, or just to beautify the area), they can speed up the process of getting this done by requesting to have a tree (or trees) planted in the requested location at their expense.  Once the request is approved, the homeowner pays the AVCA to have the tree(s) planted, and the AVCA will have the trees planted in bulk across the common areas of Ashburn Village to reduce costs. 
NOTE: Homeowners have until May 31 to complete the survey.


To access your account please click here

If you have any questions please email or call 703-729-0581. 

New Homeowners

Please sign up:
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Party & Event Rentals

Recreation centers are available to rent by any Ashburn Village deeded homeowner in good standing.
Click here for more information and pictures!

Renting Your Home

All Owners renting their property in Ashburn Village are required to provide the Association with the following documents: 
Please note when your tenants' lease expires so do their AVSP passes! A new lease is required to renew their AVSP passes!!! Please email your lease to
Click here for more information on renting your home.

Sports Court Access Registration Required

June 1, 2024 the Sports Courts at The Lakes Recreation Center will be locked by a automatic locking mechanism.The system has been put in place to ensure only residents have access to these amenities, and to keep them secure.  After the system goes into effect, users will be able to unlock the courts during the approved use hours using an app on their phone.  
Interested residents should fill out an online form so that management can collect the data needed to upload authorized users to the Brivo system (the name of the security system we are using). Once residents are added to the courts, Brivo will send an email to the email address that was provided, with a link to the app. Users will be required to download the app on their phone and register. Once set up, users will use the app to unlock the gate when in close proximity to it. For guest access, a resident may bring in no more than three guests. Signs will be placed at the gates with instructions for access.

Tennis/Pickleball Courts Access

Registration Required
The tennis and pickleball courts at our three community centers, The Woods, The Mills, and The Lakes have an active automatic locking mechanism. The system was put in place to ensure only residents and Outside Racquet Members (ORM) have access to these amenities, and to keep them secure. Ashburn Village residents will be granted access to all community courts. ORM players will have access to the newly refinished Mills courts and the Sports Pavilion as part of their membership.
The courts are available between 7:00am and 9:00pm. 
Please access the form here to register for access. We will use the data in the form to upload users to the Brivo system. Users will receive an email from Brivo with instructions to download the Brivo Mobile Pass app and register.


Racquet Sports Committee Meeting
Monday, June 3, 2024
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Landscape Committee Meeting
Wednesday, June 5, 2024
AERC Committee Meeting
Thursday, June 6, 2024

Making a Change?

To view the deadline for submitting applications please refer to the calendar
Are you considering adding a patio, a walkway or changing the landscape of your home? Homeowners must submit an Exterior Modification Application prior to starting a project.
Click here for a brief tutorial.
All applications are online. Make sure to read the Architectural & Environmental Guidelines, before submitting your application. The Guidelines can be downloaded from the Covenants page.

The Villager

The Villager magazine is the monthly publication of the Ashburn Village Community Association and is mailed to all residents of Ashburn Village. The electronic version of the current issue and back issues of the Villager can be viewed in The Villager - Archive.

Friday Updates

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