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Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home? Important Information Every Homeowner Should Know.

If you're selling your home, please request a Resale Certificate Package as early as possible. Don't wait until you are ready to settle! It can take up to 14 days from the date of your online request to receive your package from the Association. A Resale Certificate Package is certified for one (1) year. This package includes information essential to a purchaser making an informed decision.
Resale Certificate Package Fees:
  • Electronic Copy via email (Single-Family or Townhome) - $315.00*
  • Paper Copy (Single-Family or Townhome) - $350.00*
  • Condominium (Electronic Copy) - $170.00
*Resale Certificate Package fees includes a $115 inspection fee.

For-Sale-By-Owner properties are also required by Virginia Statute to order a package and provide that package to a potential buyer.  Use the link under "Selling/Re-Financing Your Home Documents" to order your Resale Certificate Package.

Once the resale certificate package request is received, the staff will complete an exterior inspection of your property. Ashburn Village Community Association will inspect the property as required by the Virginia Property Owner's Association Act, Section 55-509.6.  
Before ordering, a property owner may want to complete maintenance work on the home and double check that all exterior improvements were constructed as approved and that the approvals are on file with the Association. This includes all builder installed improvements. Once your order is placed, AVCA Covenants staff will visit your home and conduct an EXTERIOR inspection. This inspection will include a thorough PHOTO documentation of your home and all improvements, as well as drawings and measurements. If violations are noted in your package, Association staff will be available to review those violations with you in addition to all accompanying violation photographs and inspection notes.

It is the responsibility of the owner to correct noted violations until settlement. The purchaser accepts all responsibility and associated costs if they complete the settlement with violations that are not corrected by the seller. The Association will continue to work with the seller to correct all violations until settlement has occurred, at which point the buyer will then take responsibility. 

Homeowners, potential purchasers, or Real Estate agents with questions or concerns should contact the Association Office at (703) 723-7910 ext. 104.