AVCA Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is established by the Association Governing Documents Article 5 of the Articles of Incorporation, as the governing body of the Association.  As such, the Board of Directors has the authority to adopt rules and regulations for the community, initiate and enforce legal action on the behalf of the community, and take any other actions as permitted in the Governing documents and any State or Federal laws.  The Board members as a fiduciary have the obligation to act as an officer of a Corporate Board using best business practices to ensure the vitality of Ashburn Village Community Association, Inc.

The Board is currently comprised of seven (7) Volunteer Homeowners.  Board members are elected by AVCA homeowners at the Annual meeting held each October. The Board members serve staggered, 2-year terms as required by the AVCA Governing Documents which provides the Board with a strong level of operational continuity.

Click here to view the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from 2013 - Current.
The AVCA Board of Directors can be contacted using the following email : 
Jason Mello, Director/President
Robert Crossett, Director/Vice-President
Terry Brickerd, Director/Secretary
Liaison to the Architectural & Environmental Review Committee
 TBD Director/Treasurer
Dave Austin
Anita Tierney
Rich Ronston