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Ashburn Village Blvd (and all our roads serving single family homes) are VDOT controlled. AVCA does not have jurisdiction to enforce parking. Commercial trucks and/or trailers are not permitted to be parked on these streets. If you see one, you may call the Sheriff's non-emergency number 703-777-1021 to report the parking violation and an officer will ticket the vehicle. These vehicles can also be reported online by going to the traffic complaint form here: https://lfportal.loudoun.gov/Forms/TrafficComplaint 

Please do not park vehicles overnight at any of the Ashburn Village playground, fields or recreation center parking lots.
Vehicles that are parked overnight will be towed.
No Overnight Parking signs have been installed at the big playground lot near Silkworth, Gloucester and Glenburn and at Fincastle Field. 
This is to discourage the dumping of abandoned vehicles, parking by those who do not live in the Village, and to allow for plenty of parking for the residents that want to use the playground.
Improper parking may be, but is not limited to (click here for parking infographic):
  • Parking with any portion of the vehicle on the sidewalk.
  • Parking in a manner that any portion of the vehicle extends beyond the end of the driveway and into the street.
  • Parking anywhere on residential lawns or turf area.
  • Parking on AVCA common area.
  • Parking in any manner that impedes normal flow of traffic.
  • Parking in fire lanes or “No Parking” areas.
  • Parking in a manner that blocks the driveway.
If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Battlefield Towing at 703-378-0059.
- All residents must park on or in the direction of the driveway. All vehicles must be parked perpendicular to the plane of the garage.
- Vehicles parked in open spaces on AVCA property may not be covered at any time. Vehicles requiring covers must be parked in driveways or reserved parking spaces. Any vehicle with a cover in an open space will result in an immediate towing. 
The full Vehicle Parking Policy is available online to all Homeowners.
Landlords must notify their tenants of any additions and/or updates to AVCA policies.

The full policy is available HERE. Below are the highlights.
  • On Common Area
    No charging stations will be allowed on Common Area in Ashburn Village. Common Area includes assigned parking spaces. Placing charging cables across Common Area, including sidewalks and parking spaces is prohibited.
  • Exterior Installation
    If you have a garage, but a charging station inside the garage would not “operate with appropriate functionality”, you may submit an application for an exterior installation. Detailed plans created by a licensed electrician are required.
  • Garage Installation
    If you have a garage, you don’t need an application to install a charging station in the interior of the garage. Any charging station must meet Code and be maintained to ensure safety.
This policy applies to the homes directly in Ashburn Village Community Association, and does not extend to the sub-associations. Please contact your specific sub-association management company for information on the applicable policy. Sub-association contact information can be found HERE.