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Renting Your Home

Renting Your Home in Ashburn Village? -- Important Information Every Homeowner Should Know.
Please email the completed forms to avca@ashburnvillage.org.
Our Member Services Coordinator will email you once your passes are ready to be picked up. Please allow 3-5 business days for membership requests to be processed.
Rental properties in Ashburn Village have specific rules within the Association's Governing Documents that must be adhered to. These regulations are set forth in the Amended and Restated Residential Declaration Section 8.6.  Some of these rules include, but are not limited to the following:
  • No dwelling or any portion shall be used or occupied for revolving use, transient, or hotel purposes.  This includes Airbnb, house swaps, VRBO, or other short term rentals or use.
  • Leases must be a minimum of six (6) month terms.
  • All leases must be in written form.
Please consult the Amended and Restated Residential Declaration Section 8.6 for complete details on rental requirements.
Renter Reminders
Homeowners, whether or not residing in the home, are ultimately responsible and may be fined for the actions of the tenants. All correspondence in regards to any violations of HOA Documents will be mailed to the homeowner. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to update their current mailing address, email address, telephone number and property management agreement, if applicable.
A lease agreement between the homeowner and the tenant is not an agreement between the tenant and the HOA. Any fines or outstanding dues that remain on a homeowner account may affect the tenants’ rights to use the amenities.  Short term rentals under six (6) months are not permitted and only one (1) lease is permitted per unit.
Commercial vehicles are not permitted on AVCA owned streets or parking areas. Be sure the tenant does not have work vehicles including taxis that are brought home. These types of vehicles will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. Also, be sure recreational vehicles (ATVs, jet skis, campers, boats, trailers, etc.) are not stored at any property,  AVCA streets or parking areas. 
Tenants with pets, must comply with both the county and HOA have rules, including “scooping the poop”. Waste disposal sites are placed throughout the Village.
It is important to inform the tenants of the trash/recycling schedule, how trash/recycling is to be placed curbside, how to dispose of yard waste and how to dispose of large bulk items. Any violations will ultimately be the responsibility of the homeowner.
Amenity memberships may only be conveyed by the homeowner to persons on the homeowner’s lease (2 adult memberships per household (age 26 and over the age of 26)). Renters do not have the authority to add or subtract any persons to the amenity membership. The conveyed membership will expire when the lease on file has ended. Renters will need to provide a new lease or lease addendum to continue the use of the all amenities. 
Rental Package:
Please review the Ashburn Village Leasing of Lots policy before renting out your property.
All Owners renting their property in Ashburn Village are required to provide the Association with the following  documents: 
It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to ensure that all tenants comply with the Association rules and regulations. This includes all property violations, trash, lawn, improper storage, parking, etc. as well as all rules pertaining to amenities and common areas. The Association will only send notices to the Property Owner. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to inform their tenant of any such violations and to ensure compliance. 
If you have any questions regarding the rental of your property, please contact the Association office at (703) 723-7910 or via email at AVCA@ashburnvillage.org.