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Trash & Recycling

Our trash and recycling contractor is Republic Services.  Please contact Republic for all trash concerns or questions. The contact information for our community is AVCAtrash@republicservices.com.
  • Trash Pick-ups occur on Mondays & Thursdays each week
  • Yard waste is collected on Mondays, along with trash
  • Recycling is collected on Thursdays, along with trash
  • Bulk items (such as small sofas, mattresses, etc.) are collected on Thursdays.  All larger bulk items can be picked up at an additional charge by contacting Republic at AVCAtrash@republicservices.com.  
Please remember that all pickups are curbside in front of each townhome or single family home. Containers, toters, yard waste, etc. may not be placed at mailbox or parking islands. All trash and recycling may not be placed at curbside prior to 6:00pm the night before pick-up and no later 7:00 am on pick-up days. All trash including bags and recycling must be placed inside a trash or recycling receptacle.

For trash you may use any toter or container that you have purchased.  Republic will not pick up trash in containers marked with other companies.  If you are having issues with your Republic container or require a new one, please contact Republic at AVCAtrash@republicservices.com.
All trash must be placed in trash receptacles per the AVCA Architectural and Environmental Guidelines and Loudoun County Ordinance 1082.07.

Recycling pickup will be mixed and can be in one container, often referred to as single stream recycling. This means Republic Services will deliver all recycling to a sortation company who then breaks it down further into the various classes for processing.
Please use the recycling containers provided by Republic.  If you require new ones or have issues with your current one you should contact Republic  at AVCAtrash@republicservices.com.
The following is a list of ACCEPTABLE materials that can be placed in your recycling container:
  • Aluminum Cans, Foil and Trays (rinsed if needed)
  • Metal food & beverage cans (slightly rinsed)
  • Non-hazardous aerosol cans (ex:  cooking spray, shaving cream, cleaning sprays)
  • All glass food and beverage containers (slightly rinsed)
  • All plastic containers labeled #1-7 (slightly rinsed)
  • Wide-mouthed plastic containers (slightly rinsed)
  • Rigid plastics (slightly rinsed)
  • All mixed paper (white and colored printer paper with or without ink, window envelopes, or any type of paper insert)
  • All paperboard products (cereal boxes, frozen dinner boxes, cracker boxes, orange juice containers, chick stock containers, or juice boxes)
  • Corrugated cardboard and pizza boxes
  • Newspaper, Magazines, & Catalogs
  • Hardcover and paperback books (Donate if still in good condition)
  • Metal and Plastic Coat Hangers
The following is a list of UNACCEPTABLE materials that can not be placed in your recycling container:
  • #6 Polystyrene (Styrofoam cups, take-out containers)
  • Glassware
  • Metal Pots & Pans (take to a scrap yard)
  • Tires (take them to the landfill)
  • Clothing (donate to charity or a thrift store)
  • Used Paper Plates, Cups & Napkins (typically covered in food residue which contaminates the recycling process)
  • Ceramics (can typically be recycled at a construction debris facility)
  • Light Bulbs
  • Batteries
How to Recycle UNACCEPTABLE Items

The Loudoun County website has information for county residents on how to recycle Appliances (metal), Batteries, Computers/TVs/Electronics, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Mercury Thermometers and Thermostats, Scrap Metals, Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Tires and more.  Select the link below to view the "A-Z Local Recycling Resources" opportunities:

Yard Waste /Compost
You should place yard waste in the paper yard waste bags available at Giant, Lowes, Home Depot and many other stores. You may also place yard waste in clear plastic bags. You may not place yard waste in a toter, container, opaque bag, or a bin unless that object is clearly marked and readily identifiable as yard waste. Branches and limbs must be less than 4 inches in diameter and must be cut to less than four feet in length. Bundle them together with string or rope that they can be more readily collected. Republic will not pick up yard waste that is not contained properly.

Prohibited items that will not be picked up include, but are not limited to: dead animals, oil, paint, stains, batteries, construction and remodeling materials, manure, tree stumps, mulch, soil, dirt, stone, rocks, cement, bricks, poisons, acids, caustics, explosives or other similar materials. These items must be taken to the Loudoun County Landfill - www.loudoun.gov. Make sure that they will accept the materials you plan to leave.

Christmas trees will be collected with yard waste on the first two Mondays in January. Please remember to remove all decorations and lights.

Holiday & Inclement Weather
Republic Services will provide services on all holidays that fall on regularly-scheduled pickup days with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and  New Year's Day.
While pick-up times are set by the Association, it is important to understand that the handling of recycling, trash, and yard waste are driven by federal, state and county regulations which apply both to the Association and to our trash and recycling contractor. Intermingling trash, yard waste, and recycling can lead to penalties against the contractor which in turn lead to higher costs for the Association. The driver of the truck must be able to readily distinguish between the three classes.

* Residents of Ashburn Meadows Apartments, Saddleridge Apartments, Wingler House, Lakeshore Condominiums and Fours Season Condominiums have trash & recycling services provided through their management companies.