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For information regarding programming, pool usage, or group and private swim lessons, please contact the Director of Swim Programs at khart@ashburnvillage.org.
Closing and Delays?  Please check out our weather policy here.  We do not follow Loudoun County Closings and Delays.

All swimmers new to the AVSP swim program, or swimmers who have not been enrolled in the program in 3 months, will need to take a swim assessment, regardless of swim level.  Assessments are required to enroll in a group swim and Frozen Jets program.  No assessments are required for Private or Semi-Private Lessons.  Upcoming assessments will be held as follows:
  • Group Swim Lessons: Saturday October 14, 2023:  2:00-3:30pm
Please fill out the following form to enroll in one of the above assessments.  All questions regarding assessments can be directed to Emily Dawson, edawson@ashburnvillage.org
Fall 2023 Lessons - Once a Week Lessons
All Traditional Once a week Group Lessons are monthly instead of sessions.  Please visit our FAQ for more information regarding this change.  These classes are 30 minutes and held once a week.  To register for classes, an assessment must first be completed, and then Kristina Hart must be contacted to take care of your registration - you may not register for group swim lessons online.  All of those registrations will be removed.
These are lessons that are held once a week for (30) minutes.  Registration for these is done through Kristina Hart - khart@ashburnvillage.org.  These are monthly, once registered you will be billed on the first of every month until you fill out the cancellation form.  
Monthly Pricing
Member - $55    
Non-Member - $72
  • By enrolling in our once a week swim lessons, you are agreeing to our Group Swim Lesson Policies and Procedures
  • Students may register for more than 1 class
  • Students must be at least 3 years old by the first day of class for levels 1-3.            
  • All new students or students who have not taken group swim at AVSP within the last 3 months MUST complete a swim assessment before registering for any classes Level 2A or higher.
  • To schedule an assessments please see above.
  • Students may be wait listed after a class is full but may only be wait listed for ONE class.
  • No Makeup classes are offered.  If AVSP needs to cancel the class due to holidays, weather, or pool maintenance a refund will be given for the missed class.    
  • Students will be removed from a class if they have not had an assessment.  Please do not register for any classes online, all registrations should be done through Kristina Hart.
Frozen Jets is the Aqua Jets Program.  Frozen Jets is designed to improve the swimmers overall technique, speed, endurance, starts, and turns.  The program is run by our head Aqua Jets coach, Andrew Patterson and assisted by his coach Kevin. 
Fall 2023 Practices
All Frozen Jets are monthly instead of sessions.  Please visit our FAQ for more information regarding this change.Practices are 45 minutes and held once a week. 
Registration is on-going, please contact Kristina Hart, khart@ashburnvillage.org, to confirm a class and start date.
Monthly Pricing
Member - $80
Non-Member - $94
  • By enrolling in our once a week Frozen Jets Practices, you are agreeing to our Frozen Jets Policies and Procedures
  • Swimmers may register for more than 1 practice per week       
  • All new swimmers without prior Aqua Jets Experience MUST complete a swim tryout before registering.   Please contact head coach Andrew Patterson - apatterson@ashburnvillage.org to schedule an assessment
  • All Aqua Jets 2023 swimmers may contact Kristina Hart, khart@ashburnvillage.org, to determine which level is appropriate to register for.
  • Students may be wait listed after a class is full but may only be wait listed for ONE class.
  • Level 1 is for swimmers who are recommended by an instructor or Coach, or have passed AVSP swim Level 4A.
  • Level 2 is coach recommended ONLY.
  • Level 3 is coach invite ONLY.
AVSP offers both private and semi-private (two person) swim lessons.  Private swim lesson packages must be used within 3 months.  All lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance by contacting the instructor, or the lesson is forfeited.  
2023 Pricing:
All Lessons are 30 minutes. 
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1 Lesson:
$35 Member Private  |  $52 Member Semi-Private
$52 Non-Member Private  |  $64 Non-Member Semi-Private
5 Lessons:
$155 Member Private |  $205 Member Semi-Private
$255 Non-Member Private |  $285 Non-Member Semi-Private
Pricing reflects per package, not per student. Semi-private lessons are for 2 students only. AVSP does not pair students together, so for semi-private lessons you must come to us already paired.  For semi-private lessons, at the instructor's discretion, children under 3 need to be accompanied by parent in the water.  

Swim Evaluations are held on a schedule listed above .  Evaluations must be completed for Group Swim Lessons, and Frozen Jets.  To schedule an evaluation, please complete the form at the top of the website.  Questions regarding assessments can contact Emily Dawson - edawson@ashburnvillage.org.