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Tennis FAQs and Information:
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Spring 1 Registration: Members 2/1 - ORM's 2/15
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Have questions about what program is right for you?  Please contact our Racquet Sports Coordinator, Erin Green at Tennis@ashburnvillage.org .

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Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion launched a junior tennis program in 2013. The direction of the program will emphasize skill-based development and earned advancement. Players will have the ability to decide which pathway best fits their goals and commitment level.
Tiny Tennis introduces children to the game of tennis. It uses specially adapted equipment and courts to help children learn and enjoy playing tennis in a way that is appropriate for their size and ability. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination are the primary focus.  Beginning stroke mechanics will be introduced on the forehand, backhand and serve.  
ACES, Ages 6-8
Program is for the true beginner to tennis. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination are the primary focus. Beginning stroke mechanics will be introduced on the forehand, backhand, and serve. Age appropriate equipment will be used. All 6-year old's must have completed a minimum of 1 session of Tiny Tennis.

FUTURES, Ages 8-11
Class is designed for the player with a basic understanding of stroke mechanics. This player is beginning to move the ball and contact has improved. Stroke mechanics on the backhand, forehand, and serve will be reinforced. Age appropriate equipment will be used. All 8-year old's must have completed 1 session of Aces.

CHALLENGER, Ages 10-14
Class is designed for the player with a strong understanding stroke mechanics. This player is moving to
the ball and is learning topspin and point construction. Stroke mechanics on the backhand, forehand, and serve will be reinforced. All 10-year old's must have completed 1 session of Futures.
TALENT ID, Red Ball Ages 6-8
RISING STARS, Orange Ball Ages 8-10 

ACADEMY I, Green/Yellow Ball
ACADEMY II, Yellow Ball

HIGH PERFORMANCE *Director Invite Only
This class is designed for the player aspiring to play high school tennis. The program is a perfect fit for those desiring to keep his/her game tuned up in the off season. Drills will be designed around stroke execution along with improvement of the serve. Point play is also a regular training component. This is a live ball class.

This program is designed for players who compete in a high school environment. Drills will be designed around point construction. New incoming players must be evaluated by our tennis staff.

This class is designed for the advanced high school varsity player only. This is a very competitive program. Requires an evaluation by our head professional prior to registration.

USTA Team Tennis is a program developed and organized by the United States Tennis Association (USTA).  Ashburn Village sponsors teams for this program through the Sports Pavilion, which is responsible for creating the teams and administering the program.  

What is USTA Team Tennis (Adult)?
USTA Team Tennis (Adult) is the "Play" component of the USTA Tennis Program Pathway for adult players who are age 19 years or older. It is designed for players who are ready to focus more on match play while continuing to work on skill development. Those with basic skills seeking an opportunity to compete are also welcome to join.

USTA Team Tennis provides organized match play and team practices that emphasize fun and the social benefits of tennis. Eventually, players may advance to more competitive play on teams in USTA League Tennis or in USTA Tournament Tennis.

The general guidelines for USTA Team Tennis allow players to be part of a team, to play tennis for health and fitness benefits, and to learn to play the sport with others of similar skill and interest. The flexibility of recommended formats offered allow coaches or directors of tennis to tailor the program to their local situation and the needs of the players.

Who Plays USTA Team Tennis (Adult)?
USTA Team Tennis (Adult) is a group consisting of at least six players that participates in organized match play and practices for a minimum of 12 hours over a four- to six-week season. The balance between match play and practice time is decided between the coach and players.

Players who learned basic tennis skills through entry-level programs have the opportunity to test their skills in match play with USTA Team Tennis (Adult). Normally, the emphasis is on playing doubles, which maximizes court usage, promotes team play, and encourages social interaction between participants.

USTA Team Tennis (Adult) is designed to promote organized play at your facility. However, as players improve and become eager to meet new opponents, you may arrange match play with teams from nearby facilities. The competition should be low-key, with a greater emphasis placed on fun, playing-skill development, and social interaction among participants. The goal is to convert each participant into a "frequent tennis player," which is someone who plays 21 times or more a year.
For more information, please contact Tennis Director Matt Stillwagon at mstillwagon@ashburnvillage.org or 703-729-0581, ext. 211.


AVSP runs a Fall (Nov-Dec) and a Winter (Jan-Mar) Flight during the indoor bubble season.  Registration begins in early October for Fall and in early December for the Winter Flight.  More information will be available soon for our next flight season! 
*All flight participants must have a valid membership to apply.
If you have any questions about AVSP's Indoor Tennis Flight seasons or the application process, please email Erin Green, Racquet Sports Coordinator, at tennis@ashburnvillage.org or 703-729-0581 ext. 206.  

One of the best ways to ensure you stay in shape, keep your tennis game polished, and beat the winter blues is to reserve your weekly indoor tennis court time.  The indoor season runs from October to April and residents receive priority court time selections during the contract application period.
The application for the 2022-2023 Contract Court Time Season can be downloaded here!  An Outside Racquet Membership is required to submit an application for players who do not reside in Ashburn Village.
If you have any questions you can contact Erin Green by email at tennis@ashburnvillage.org .
Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion received the USTA
Mid-Atlantic 2013 Facility of the Year Award for the state of Virginia.
Whether you're new to tennis or looking for a place to play competitively, AVSP has a program to get you on the court.  Tennis is a great workout in a fun, social environment and the AVSP staff strives to make your experience on the court nothing but the best.
For more information, please contact our Director of Racquet Sports, Matt Stillwagon at mstillwagon@ashburnvillage.org or at 703-729-0581, ext. 211.