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AVCA and your fellow neighbors need your vote!
Posted on Jul 14th, 2015

The AVCA Board of Directors are encouraging all deeded homeowners to help their fellow neighbors reinstate their lost Reserved parking by voting in the election which began May 1, 2015.
As this is a change in the Governing Documents, it requires a 67% vote to pass.  A vote to approve will help fellow neighbors reinstate the reserved parking which was removed January 1, 2015.  This votewas revised to only address the common area authority allowed to the board.  Please remember this is a new election and all votes cast prior to May 1, 2015 are null and void as the prior vote closed. 
Volunteer residents from the AVCA parking committee will be going door to door to help encourage voter participation.  Ballots can be found in your Villager publication, the HOA office, the AVSP, or through the volunteers going door to door. All ballots must be returned to the HOA office via USPS, night drop or during business hours.  You may also vote online at the link listed below.
To download a paper copy of the Ballot, click here.
For questions call the AVCA Office at 703-723-7910.
If you would like to join the AVCA Parking Committee and help go door-to-door to solicit votes, please email kmiller@ashburnvillage.org.