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Wildlife Fun Facts Around our Lakes
Posted on May 1st, 2021

Ashburn Village is home to many species of wildlife, many of which reside in our lakes and ponds.  
Ashburn Village would like to thank James Pettinelli, a resident of Ashburn Village, for volunteering his time to create fun facts about some of the wildlife in our lakes.  His goal in creating the wildlife signs was to add even more enjoyment to resident wildlife-watching experience by highlighting some fun facts about animals you've seen and, if lucky, introduce you to a few animals you may not have even encountered yet, as well as bring attention to the Wildlife Rescue League.  
Have you seen the beautiful Red-head Skink?  Our lakes attract an amazing assortment wildlife for our residents to ponder and appreciate.  The signs will be displayed temporarily at different Ashburn Village lakes during the year, but will not be posted during winter months.  
These signs have been currently placed along the path at Pavilion Lake and we encourage all of our residents to stop and read them along your journey to learn about our wildlife neighbors.