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LCSO Reminds Residents to Lock Vehicles After Vehicle Tamperings in Sterling & Ashburn
Posted on May 27th, 2016

Recently multiple vehicles were entered on Weatherburn Terrace, Wake Terrace, Warburton Bay Square, Woodboro Terrace, Woolcott Square, Sound Square and Willoughby Square in Sterling. In Ashburn, a juvenile and an adult male were apprehended on May 21 after they were discovered entering unlocked cars in the area of Mandalay Court. 
In all of the cases the vehicles were entered without any signs of force or physical damage, and were believed to be left unlocked. 
In light of these thefts, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit is offering residents several tips for deterring thefts from vehicles:
• KEEP YOUR VEHICLE LOCKED. Most stolen items are taken from vehicles that are left unlocked.
• Remove all items from your vehicle, including garage door openers, when not in use. When you cannot do this, put the items out of sight (inside a lockable glove box or trunk). If your vehicle has an integrated garage door opener, please try to park your vehicle in the garage.
• Park inside your garage, if available, and keep the garage locked. Or, try to park in a well-lit area.
The Crime Prevention Unit also encourages residents to register your valuable items with the manufacturer and document and record your properties’ make, model and serial numbers through Operation Inventory, a prevention based program intended to help curb thefts taking place in Loudoun County. Thieves often depend on citizens to not have key information about their belongings. Information such as serial numbers, model numbers, make and model information are key pieces of information that law enforcement uses to recover and identify stolen property. These key pieces of information help law enforcement quickly identify stolen property and aid in the prosecution of the offenders. The form can be downloaded at here.
Residents are also reminded to report any suspicious activity immediately by calling the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 703-777-1021.