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Under Construction
Posted on Apr 27th, 2016

Route 7/Ashburn Village Boulevard Interchange (March 2016) – This project provides cash proffers to the developer of One Loudoun to off-set the costs of utility relocation, storm water management, wetlands mitigation, permitting costs and traffic management plans at the intersection of Route 7 and Ashburn Village Boulevard. In this quarter, all Right of Way acquisition was completed for the project. Also this quarter, silt fence has been installed and Howard Hughes Medical Institute has been removing an old barn structure. Construction will actively commence in the next quarter. Construction completion is planned for Summer 2018. 
Russell Branch Parkway (April 2016) – Ashburn Road to Ashburn Village Boulevard – This project constructs the missing segment of Russell Branch Parkway between Ashburn Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard. William A Hazel, Inc. was awarded the contract for construction in January 2015 and work is ongoing. In this quarter, underdrain work continued, however, the project was impacted by weather and required design changes resulting in extended contract time. The contractor was awarded 26 weather days in this quarter. In the next quarter, fine grading (including fill at the medians) will occur, paving will continue and traffic signal activities will begin. Construction completion has been delayed from Spring 2016 to Summer 2016 based on weather impacts and additional contract time due to approved changes. 
Survey work for the widening of Farmwell Road from Smith Switch to Ashburn Road is underway.  The project will widen the existing road to a six-lane urban major collector.
New VDOT web page shows paving progress
Beginning this year, residents and drivers can also get specific information about the status of paving projects at by visiting the Virginia Department of Transportation Website.  Currently the map only shows the following roads scheduled for repaving through June of 2016:  Ashburn Village Boulevard from Route 7 to Farmwell Road, Delightful Place, Amity Place, Ringold Drive and Tavern Drive.