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Farmwell Road Widening - Smith Switch To Ashburn Road Update
Posted on Mar 12th, 2017

Thirty percent design plans are now available on the Loudoun Online Land Application System (LOLA) system at
To view the budget for this project, click on the following link:  Project Budget & Schedule
A stormwater management pond (SWM) is shown for the northwest corner of Ashburn Village Blvd and Farmwell Road, where one of the Ashburn Village entrance features is located and a grove of Maple trees now stand. SWM ponds are also called BMP ponds.  (Source:  "Ashburn Village Neighbors" Facebook Page)
County Contacts Information:
Mohamed Haroun is the Team Leader, Engineering Division (Department of Building & Development) for this project. His contact info is: 703 771-5299 and
Bruce Thornberry (Loudoun County Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) - Project Manager) 703 737-8821 and
Ron Meyer (Board of Supervisors - Broad Run District) - 703-777-0204 and
Updated - 6/16/2017:
Meyer, Buona reconsider $30 million Farmwell Road widening project - Loudoun Times, Thursday, June 15, 2017
"Vice Chairman Ralph Buona (R-Ashburn) and Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run), who represent parts of Ashburn, announced Tuesday they intend to formally ask the Board of Supervisors to amend a project that would have widened the current four-lane Farmwell Road to a six-lane “urban major collector” from Smith Switch Road to Ashburn Road."
Updated - 5/4/2017:
After meeting with county executives in April to get an overview of this project, here is some additional information on how this project will affect Ashburn Village: 
1) Both of the entrance features at Ashburn Village Blvd (AVB) and Farmwell Road will be removed and Ashburn Village will have to have new entry features built.  If the county does not pay enough for the land they will be taking from Ashburn Village and for the improvements (ie. the front entrances) then the cost of replacing the front entrances and landscaping will fall on the shoulders of the Ashburn Village homeowners.  According to the budget for this project (the link was provided by Ron Meyer's office) there is only $250,000 in the budget for land.  To replace just one of the entrance features will cost around $400,000.

2) The wooded area on the west side of AVB along Farmwell Road will be severely cut back.  The new road, asphalt walkway and easement will take up approximately 60 feet of common area from the existing road which includes the woods.  Sound barriers between Farmwell Road and the common area/residents’ properties (Clappertown and Felicity Place) will not be installed because the county does not have the funding to do so.  

3) Ashburn Village will lose approximately 40 feet of common area from the road on the east side of AVB along Farmwell Road.  This section will have retaining walls installed to hold up the existing berms. 

4) The county will be installing a dry storm water management pond (SWM) on the corner of AVB and Farmwell Road.  The size of this SWM will be around a ¼ acre big.  This means it will be empty most of the time unless there is rain in which case it will become stagnant water until it drains.  Below is an overlay of the 30% plan with Google Maps of the AVB/Farmwell intersection so you can see what it is going to look like.
5)  Pedestrians crossing Farmwell Road at both the Ashburn Village Blvd. and Ashburn Road intersections is already dangerous enough but adding two (2) more lanes will greatly increase the risk to Ashburn Village residents and Broad Run High School students.
6)  Adding two additional lanes on Farmwell Road between Smith Switch and Ashburn Road will do nothing to lessen the congestion from the backup of cars turning left onto Loudoun County Parkway and Waxpool Road for drivers heading west on Waxpool Road which turns into Farmwell Road.
7) As of 5/3/17, the county is now recommending to add a second thru lane for the southbound approach of AVB/Farmwell since the southbound median has a wide approach for additional lanes.  That means there will be 5 lanes going southbound at the intersection (2 left, 2 straight, 1 right).