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B.F. Saul Presentation
Posted on Nov 13th, 2016

This project is in the planning stages and will go through several years of review before it is approved or disapproved by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors but the residents of Ashburn Village need to be aware of what is being considered and how it will affect us.  If the Mixed Use Development is approved, it will add 720 multi-family apartments which means at a minimum of 1,000 more vehicles using the roads through Ashburn Village on a daily basis and depending on the school boundary which can change, could possibly add more students to Broad Run High School and Farmwell Middle Station School which are both already over-crowded.
The AVCA Board of Directors encourage all homeowners to review the presentation that was presented and to review the application and other documents that have been submitted to the county to date for this project.
To view all of the documents that have been submitted to the county for the rezoning application:
1.  Go to
2.  In the text above the map, select “searchable list”.
3.  Enter the following application number in the “Enter a Application Number.” box:  ZMAP-2016-0009
4.  Click "Select" on the application results page to view all of the documents that have been submitted so far to the county on this project.
If you would like to voice your concerns regarding this project or have any other questions, please contact the Board of Supervisors and Department of Planning and Zoning.