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B.F. Saul to Present Re-Zoning Application at October 25th Board Meeting
Posted on Oct 18th, 2016

B.F. Saul’s Re-Zoning Application May Affect Ashburn Village When Ashburn Village was developed many years ago, parcels throughout the Village were designated for commercial development. One of these designated areas would be Ashburn Office Park on the corner of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Route 7. The zoning for that section currently stands as commercial use only. Recently, B.F. Saul has submitted an application to the county to rezone the property to included 720 multi-family medium income apartments. The Association Board of Directors and legal have been communicating with those parties involved in this process as it will impact the Ashburn Village proffer on many levels. This impact includes, but not limited to, more traffic as 720+ vehicles will go through our community daily, additional use to our already populated amenities such as the Sports Pavilion, an increase in the number of children in our school district, and as well as the possible governance of the Association.