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After the Storm: Loudoun County Urges Residents to Stay Safe 
Posted on Jan 26th, 2016

• Avoid driving to give crews from the Virginia Department of Transportation room for snow removal efforts. VDOT crews are making progress, but snow removal with heavy equipment is a slow process. Crews continue to work around the clock, to plow and treat all roads. 
•  If travel is a must, use extreme caution as even clear pavement is likely to be slick due to snow melting during the day and refreezing overnight. 
 • In addition to the overnight refreeze, drivers should be alert to varying conditions and sudden changes on all roads. There may be limited visibility from high snow mounds encroaching on merges, intersections, and ramps. Lanes may be narrow and shift unexpectedly. Watch out for pedestrians and oncoming traffic.
• On ramps and merge areas are not fully plowed, making merging into traffic difficult and often requiring a full stop.
• Pedestrians should also heed the warning to stay off roadways. Do not walk in the middle of streets with traffic.
• Check for the latest on road conditions.
Melting Snow/Falling Objects
• Be aware of falling objects. As the temperature rises today, large amounts of snow or icicles may fall from roofs. 
• Clear downspouts at ground level. As the snow begins to melt, it needs someplace to go. Do not climb on your roof to remove the snow or ice.
Standing Water
•  With the weather forecast calling for temperatures above freezing and a chance of showers, standing water becomes a possibility. Take steps to prevent standing water from becoming an ice hazard.
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