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"Where in the Village" - August Photos Are Available
Posted on Aug 1st, 2017

Your adventure begins on June 1st when you click on the following link:  Where In The Village.  This will take you to our first set of images in this three-month interactive challenge.  Our rules and an online submission form can be found there too.  You will have until the end of the month to identify the locations and enter your guesses as to "Where In The Village" each photo was taken.  On the first of the next month, the locations will be revealed, and a new set of images will be available to discover. New photos will be posted on the first of June, July and August.  All guesses must be submitted by the end of that month to be included in the contest drawing. One entry per photo per resident.
The CAC will collect the entries, and all residents who correctly identify a location will be entered into a drawing which will take place at our September meeting.  It is possible that one person could be entered numerous times if they correctly identify more than one image through the summer.  Three names will be drawn and will be sent a gift card.
So start exploring today!