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  • Please park all vehicles in your garage or driveway.  Cars parked on the road make it harder for both the AVCA and VDOT to plow.
  • If you park on a VDOT road, VDOT asks that you park on the odd side of the road.
  • Please allow at least 18 hours for every 6" of snow we receive for the AVCA to plow your road.  For example, if we get 12" of snow, it will take at least 36 hours to plow all AVCA streets.
  • The AVCA is responsible for plowing 83 streets and the private courts on 11 state-maintained streets.   It would not be financially feasible for the AVCA to contract that many trucks and heavy equipment so that every street/private court can be plowed at the same time.  The simple reality is that one section will be first and one section will be the last to get cleared.  Not all roads can be made passable at once, and no one street takes priority over another, but all of the crews will continue to work until the roads are as clear as possible.
  • If you're essential personnel, or are required to be available for work around the clock, please make private arrangements or park on a VDOT street. 
  • The Association will not provide a time frame for an exact street to plow.  Many factors contribute to the time it takes to plow a street such as the amount of snow, weather conditions, road conditions, and accessibility.
  • When shoveling snow from your car, parking space or driveway please do not throw the snow into the street.  It will make it hard for the AVCA plows to remove the snow and may cause the plow to leave your area and block your neighbors from being able to leave their street.
Helpful Tips:
How to Shovel Your Driveway
With a little preparation you can save your self from having to re-shovel your driveway after the plow goes by.  If you shovel a "pocket" to the left of your driveway it will leave a space for the plow to drop snow and keep your driveway clear.