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Use of the Sports Pavilion and the Ashburn Village Community Centers is restricted to members and their guests. The information below is an overview of the various classes of membership for the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion as established by the Board of Directors of the Association. For official policies and more information, please refer to the Sports Pavilion Member Manual.

To receive your membership, simply bring your settlement papers (Deed of Trust or HUD-1) and photo IDs or proof of residency for all immediate family members. Homeowners must be able to demonstrate proof of guardianship for other children residing with the family.

Adding another adult to a membership: Any additional adults (ages 18 or older) must go to the Ashburn Village Homeowner's Association office with the homeowner and provide a photo ID and proof of residency, such as a bill mailed to the house or proof of legal guardianship by the homeowner. There is a $38 monthly fee for each additional adult.

Conveyance and Non-conveyance of Membership: Ashburn Village property owners, who choose to no longer reside at their property and decide to lease their residence, have the option to convey or not convey their membership privileges to their tenants. If owners choose to convey their membership to their tenant (i.e., they no longer wish to have member access to the Pavilion themselves), the tenant receives the same membership privileges as the owners. If one of the individuals listed on the settlement papers is no longer residing at the property, it is permissible for that individual to convey just his/her privileges to another individual who is now residing at the property. 

Each apartment rental can have up to two adults and two dependent children on the membership. Apartment renters in Ashburn Meadows, Saddle Ridge, or Wingler House must provide their signed lease and photo IDs or proof of residency for all immediate family members in order to receive their memberships. 

Monthly Dues & Fees:
$38/mo - Individuals
$76/mo - Couples
$113/mo - Families
$100 - One-time initiation fee is required.

Non-residents of Ashburn Village may inquire about availability of outside tennis memberships.

Outside Tennis Memberships (OTM):
Outside Tennis Membership Form
$169 - Adult Individuals
$119 - Junior Individuals
$59 - Tiny (4-6 years old)
$325 - Families

For more information, please contact the Ashburn Village Home Owners Association office at 703.723.7910. Or email avca@ashburnvillage.org.