Yard of the Month
The AVCA is pleased to announce the "Yard of the Month" program.  This program is intended to inspire residents of Ashburn Village to take pride in the appearance and upkeep of their yards and the exterior of their homes to improve the appearance of our community by promoting well-kept yards.  Starting in June, one winner each month will be selected to be Yard of the Month by the Covenants team.  The winner will receive a $25 Loews gift card and will proudly display a "Yard of the Month" sign in their yard for the entire month.  A picture of the winning yard will also be posted on the AVCA website.  Every single-family/townhome resident is invited to participate. 

June - 44222 Bristow Circle

  1. Yard of the Month awards will be presented for the months of June through September.
  2. There will be one (1) winner a month.
  3. Yard of the Month sign will be placed in the winning yard and is to remain the entire month.
  4. Each yard will be limited to winning the award only once in any calendar year.
  5. Only the front yards as viewed from the street will be judged.  Backyards will not be considered, even if visible from the street.
  6. All plantings must be living, no plastic, silk or artificial plants.
  7. The property of all current residents of Ashburn Village, both owner-occupied and rental, are automatically eligible to participate in the program.
  8. Current board members and AVCA staff members are not eligible.
  9. Winner must be in good standing with the Ashburn Village Community Homeowners Association:  Dues paid in full€¨and in compliance with the AVCA Covenants
  10. The occupants of a Yard of the Month winning home will receive a $25 Loews Gift Card.
  11. During their reign as Yard of the Month, winners are expected to maintain their yard in the same manner that allowed them to win the title.
  12. Judging for the award will be done by the AVCA Convenants team using the criteria below.
  13. Judges decisions are final.


Yard of the Month candidates for landscaping are judged solely on the exterior appearance of their property as viewed from the street.  Yards will be judged on neatness, landscaping, and color.  Overall appearance and factors include, but are not limited to, tidiness and neatness of the front and side yards, pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs, edged and defined lawns, borders and flowers beds, and visually appealing façade.