Where in the Village?
This summer, the Common Area Committee (CAC) invites you to play “Where In The Village” as we tease you with glimpses of locations in Ashburn Village, and ask you to identify them.  Like “Where’s Waldo”, our featured locations will be hiding in plain sight.  There are so many beautiful features of our community, and we hope you will be introduced, or reintroduced, to them through this fun contest.
Your adventure begins on June 1st when you click our “Where In The Village” explorers icon on the AVCA website.  This will take you to our first set of images in this three-month interactive challenge.  Our rules and an online submission form can be found there too.  You will have until the end of the month to identify the locations and enter your guesses as to Where In The Village each photo was taken.  On the first of the next month, the locations will be revealed, and a new set of images will be available to discover. New photos will be posted on the first of June, July and August.  All guesses must be submitted by the end of that month to be included in the contest drawing. One entry per photo per resident.
The CAC will collect the entries, and all residents who correctly identify a location will be entered into a drawing which will take place at our September meeting.  It is possible that one person could be entered numerous times if they correctly identify more than one image through the summer.  Three names will be drawn and will be sent a gift card.
So, put a note on your calendar to check back on the website on the first of June, July and August, and join in the fun!  We look forward to having you explore our community and discover some of the things that make Ashburn Village a great place to live.  Where In The Village will you and your family find themselves this year?  Keep your eyes open and go sightseeing in your own backyard and neighborhood!
Click on the following link to submit your August answers:  Where in the Village Contest Submissions

This should be a familiar site to anyone traveling along Ashburn Village Blvd.  Located at the edge of Ashburn Lake, this bench looks across to the island where the annual fireworks display is held, and the Lakes Rec Center beyond that.  FYI – The spectacular fireworks display is just one of several special events that the AVCA hosts for residents throughout the year. Check out the “Local Community Events” section on the home page of this website to find out about more events, including Movies Under the Stars, National Night Out Ice Cream Social, Kids Triathlon, Doggie Pool Party and the Community Yard Sale.
We are fortunate to have two sand volleyball courts in Ashburn Village.  This one is located in the area of Crew Square, Courtland Drive and Falmouth Court, not far from the HOA office building and near one of our many tot lots.  FYI – the beach volleyball courts are available on a first come, first served basis. Bring a ball and put a team together to practice for the tournament next year!  (The other court is located at Fincastle Field, along Ashburn Village Blvd).
If you have walked around beautiful Tippecanoe Lake recently, you likely know this scene.  The picture was taken near a park bench along the north side of the lake, facing west toward the pedestrian tunnel to Dominion Trail.  FYI – The landscaping along Tippecanoe Lake was transformed last year by using a variety of native Virginia plants. These ecological plantings are best for local use as they thrive in our environment and are easily maintained for long term life. We also have the bonus of their colorful beauty as a pollinator habitat!  Check out Alder Lake for the latest landscape revitalization, as AVCA continues to make improvements to the Village.
Driving west along Gloucester Blvd, you will see this entrance monument between Marblehead Drive and Winola Terrace, near Killawog Lake.  FYI – Featured with the American Flag and the Virginia State Flag is the Loudoun County Flag.  According to the official website of Loudoun County, “Like the Loudoun County Seal, the county's distinctive flag was derived from the coat of arms which was approved by the College of Arms in London and adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 1968. ... The edging of the flag consists of green indentation with white or silver drops, suggesting milk drops.”  For more information about the county flag, go to:  https://www.loudoun.gov/index.aspx?NID=178

This Purple Martin House is located on the trail behind Winola Terrace, off Gloucester Parkway.  It is close to Lake Killawog, near the bench.  FYI - There are many reasons why Purple Martins are one of America's (and Ashburn Village's) most well loved songbirds. They have a recognizable and melodic chattering song, perform aerial acrobatics and eat a healthy diet of pesky insects.  They are also quite tolerant of humans.  Keep an eye out for the new residents in this house!
Station 7 (Balance Walk) at the Fit-Trail at Choptank Field, off Gloucester Parkway.  FYI - Ashburn Village's ten station Fit-Trail is an outdoor exercise system at Choptank Field that features instructional signs and exercise equipment designed for the novice and/or conditioned athlete. Fit-Trail is a balanced program of total fitness conditioning for all ages and sizes.  Give it a try!
Looking under the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the western edge of Cedar Lake.  FYI - Ashburn Village is home to eight man-made lakes. Fishing by residents is permitted with a license in all lakes and ponds but is "catch and release" - all but Lake Killawog are stocked with bass, sun perch and carp.  For the safety of residents and guests, no swimming or ice skating is permitted on any of the lakes or ponds.  Only canoes, kayaks, rowboats, or other manually propelled boats are allowed on the lakes and ponds.
The Lakes Recreation Outdoor Amphitheater is located off Cheltenham Circle.   FYI - Check out the Amphitheater by coming to "Movies Under The Stars" and other special events, including the annual 5th of July Fireworks Spectacular!