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Friday Updates and Information - October 1, 2021
Posted on October 1, 2021 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Around the Village
  • The Fincastle Field renovation is complete. The courts and the ballfield are open for play.
  • October 16th – Fall De-Clutter Event at The Lakes, to register to sell your items click here.
  • The October issue of The Villager has been delivered to residents and is available online.
Do You Love Ashburn Village Events?
The Events Committee is CALLING FOR VOLUNTEERS: We need creative minds like yours to help think up fun events for the Village! Please consider volunteering for the Events Committee. We need YOU! Contact the Special Event Coordinator at events@ashburnvillage.org for more information.
Upcoming Committee Meetings
  • October 5 - Tennis Committee
  • October 6 - Landscape Committee
  • October 7 - Architectural and Environmental RC
  • October 18 - Events Committee
  • October 21 - ANNUAL MEETING
  • October 26 - Board of Directors
For more information, see our online calendar.
By now all homeowners should have received an election packet in the mail and an email with instructions for voting online. The Annual Meeting will be held on October 21, 2021, where the votes will be counted. Please cast your vote for the Board of Directors candidates. If you have not received either the packet or the email, please let the office know. Every vote counts!
At the Office
  • We love the enthusiasm of our residents who deck their houses out for the holidays! Please remember though to follow AER holiday decorations guidelines: Holiday decorations and lighting must be appropriate to the holiday occurring at the time of display. Please keep all displays within your own property. Exterior decorations for holidays may be placed out thirty (30) days in advance of the holiday and must be removed not later than fourteen (14) days after the holiday. Thank you.
  • Planning to make a change to the exterior of your home? New color for your deck or changing to composite decking? New exterior lights? Updated landscaping? A whole new front door? Please submit an application to the Architectural and Environmental Review Committee (AERC) to get approval before starting any new exterior project. Here's a guide to make the process easier. How to Submit an Application for a Proposed Exterior Modification.
  • Trash issues? Please send an email to AVCAtrash@republicservices.com. Please provide your full name, full address, city and zip, HOA name (AVCA), cell #, nature of request, and picture of broken trash or recycle toter, if you need a replacement.
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors in the Village to sign up for the Ashburn Village email blasts so they can stay informed, too!
Facilites & Grounds
  • Installed 4-20ft poles
  • Installed timber retaining wall for Fincastle Field (almost completed.)
  • Stump removal (still in progress) 
Annual Reviews
Annual Reviews are nearly done for the year. Our inspectors are finishing up Zone 7, just 2 more streets. We encourage homeowners to check the exterior of their home several times a year for damage and disrepair. Please don't wait for us to send you a letter to check your home's exterior for problems. Check out our handy checklist to see what to look for: Maintaining Your Home's Exterior.
Recreation Centers and Amenities
  • The Board of Directors voted to convert 6 of the tennis courts at the Woods Recreation Center into Pickleball courts.
  • The Mills, Woods and Lakes recreation centers are once again available to rent. If you'd like to rent one of the Rec Centers, please call Member Services at the office. The rental cost and deposit will remain at the pre-COVID rates, but a mandatory disinfection fee of $110 will be collected for each rental when making your reservation. Homeowners are responsible for removing all trash, wiping down all surfaces and leaving the premises clean*. Each recreation center will only have one (1) rental per day, as cleaning and inspection by AVCA staff must be done prior to the next rental.
*Please see the website for more specifics on the rec centers.
Visit ashburnvillage.org/events for more info on these fun upcoming community events:
  • TONIGHT! October 1st – Movie Under the Stars Double Feature at The Lakes - The Croods a New Age at 6:30pm followed by Bill and Ted Face the Music at 8:30pm.
  • October 16th – Fall De-Clutter Event at The Lakes, to register to sell your items click here.
  • The Board of Directors has voted to once again offer a limited number of outside memberships to the Sports Pavilion. Please contact AVSP for more information and prices.
  • Indoor Tennis Contract registration is now open for Residents, for more info please click here, contracts will begin November 1st.
  • Teen Weight Training hours are now Monday-Thursday 4:30pm-6:30pm 
  • Help keep our community members safe, if you are unvaccinated please wear a mask while in the Pavilion. In an effort to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19, our staff members will once again be wearing masks while inside AVSP.
  • We are excited to announce we are now offering a Barre Flex class on Tuesday and Fridays at 7am, as with all of our Group Ex classes these are FREE!