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Friday Updates and Information - May 7, 2021
Posted on May 7, 2021 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello and Happy Friday
  • All outdoor pools are scheduled to open Saturday May 29th at 11 am. – Up-to-date information can be found on our Website.
  • The pools will be open regular hours with a break every 2 and half hours to wipe down bathrooms.
  • The pools will be open to 50 percent capacity based on the 10 feet in the pool and 6 feet regarding pool furniture. (This may change in June.)
  • The Governor is expected to speak again in June and hopefully will open up more of the restrictions. 
  • No pool toys or rafts are permitted. This includes footballs, balls and diving sticks. If your small child has arm floaties that stay on they are permitted. (This may change after the Governor speaks in June.) 
Pool Opening Times
11am- 1:30  (30 minute break)
2pm - 4:30   (30 minute break)
5pm – 7:30  (pool closes to clean)
High Sierra is hiring lifeguards for our pools. If your child is 16 and up we need Lifeguards. They are not allowing the kids from abroad to come over again this year, so there will be a shortage of lifeguards. Have your child contact High Sierra directly for a fun pool job this summer at one of our 5 pools. 
The storms from last week caused many limbs down and trees to fall. The tree company has been removing them and will continue to do so. Thank you to the homeowners who emailed in locations and pictures. Very helpful for mapping out the locations and job sites.
Homeowners, if you have renters:
We have had multiple violations go out regarding tall grass. Renters have commented they didn’t know it was their responsibility. Overall the Village looks great, but there are homes with very tall grass. Please make sure you are educating your renters. Rules for Renting Your Home
The Management staff at the HOA is here to educate, advise and assist, but there are certain items that the HOA has no authority over:
  • Trucks and cars parking on the Boulevard – If they are parked in the grass we can address it, but not if they are just parked on the Boulevard.
  • Parking on VDOT streets – We can call the police and VDOT, but we have no authority to ticket or tow. 
  • Loud music / noises after 5pm weekdays and on the weekends – Call the police. We can send a violation letter regarding our rules but we are not able to enforce during those times.
  • Neighbor-to-neighbor issues – Wind Chimes, Mothballs, People cutting through your yard.
  • Speeding through the community / Boulevard – That is a traffic violation. Call the police.
  • If you see a crime – drugs, vandalism, hit and run, etc. Please call the police.
It takes a Village. 
Annual Property Reviews in Progress
We are now in Zone 4. Again, we thank all our great homeowners for fixing their violations.
All Rules and Regulations are provided to homeowners at the time of their purchase and are listed in your Governing Documents. They are also available to Homeowners on the website.