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Friday Updates and Information - April 9, 2021
Posted on April 9, 2021 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
The Board and Management would like to thank our amazing homeowners for correcting their violations and calling in with any questions they might have. Management's goal is not to fine people or to send violation letters but to better educate you about the rules and regulations of the HOA. During our annual inspections our Covenants team will walk the perimeter of your property. That includes the front, sides and rear. 
If you have any questions regarding the HOA rules and regulations, please call the office. We are happy to assist. 
Bulk Pick Up
Mondays as of April 19th. We are moving bulk pickup to Mondays. Please call or email to schedule a pick up.
Beech Lake Fountain
The fountain at Beech lake is being repaired . There is a short in the electrical system, and we will have it back on the water as soon as we can. 
Please do not feed the geese. This is busy season for all geese in the area and they make a huge mess on the trails and lakes.
Tennis Courts
All windscreens are up and the courts are ready to play on. We will be repairing the Lakes, Woods and Pavilion courts as thee are large settlement cracks. This will be sometime in June but we will post the days and times.
Annual Property Reviews in Progress
We are now in Zone 3. Again, we thank all our great homeowners for fixing their violations.
All Rules and Regulations are provided to homeowners at the time of their purchase and are listed in your Governing Documents. They are also available to Homeowners on the website.
The Village Helpers area of the Classifieds is now online! Ashburn Village Community Association has set up an area of the Ashburn Village website for homeowners to list their teen's service.
  • There is no cost to advertise Village Helper services.
  • Village Helpers ads may be submitted by Homeowners.
  • A log-in is needed to view the Village Helper directory.
  • Ads will remain active for 3 months from date of posting.
Go to www.ashburnvillage.org/villagehelpers to add your VILLAGE HELPER service to the directory.