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Friday Updates and Information - October 9, 2020
Posted on October 9, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Happy Friday!
Thursday October 15th 2020. Virtual Meeting. We encourage all homeowners to dial in and see what our Board and Management have been working on and have in the plans for 2021. 
For the Annual Meeting, we will approve last year’s minutes, elect 2 new Directors and our Board President Jason Mello will give an update of all committees and Board affairs. This is also a great time for you as a homeowner to address the Board with ideas, concerns and suggestions. We have reached Quorum and thank everyone for sending in their proxies and ballots. You may still go online and vote or mail in your proxies. 
October Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 27th at 6pm. Virtual Zoom Meeting. 
Sports Pavilion
Pavilion Indoor Pool is OPEN. We have 3 dedicated lanes for our Homeowners to swim. Wear your mask into the facility and bring the kids and family to swim. The max is 5 people to a lane. The pool has not been busy at all, so just a reminder to come and swim safely. We have COVID safety protocols in place. Hand Sanitizer and distancing signs and reminders. 
Tennis Bubble is open to reserve Court time for the colder weather. All of this information can be found online. As a reminder there can be a maximum of 4 people to a court with 1 pro if needed. The maximum capacity in the Bubble at one time is 20. This is done to ensure we are following all COVID safety requirements and distancing. 
Pickleball courts: We have 2 at the Woods, 2 at the Lakes, 2 at the Mills and 1 inside the bubble. The Board and Management along with input from the Tennis Committee are looking at other areas to install courts as this is a great fast growing sport!
Currently we are working on repairing all the pathways / trails around the lakes.
Each time a fountain stops working, we have to remove it from the lake, take it to the shop and depending on the issue send it away to have it repaired. The biggest reason for repairs is the fishing wires, trash and debris. The fountains are a beautiful amenity, but are very expensive and cumbersome to repair. Please keep all trash and debris out of the lake areas. These fountains are for everyone to enjoy and are not always placed in the exact same location. 
Our Top HOA Complaints:
Pick up your dog waste.
Put your trash can away.
Mow your lawn. / Weed the front areas.
Do not monopolize the open parking spaces, they are for everyone to share. 
Be a good neighbor.
Have a great 3 Day Weekend and hope to see everyone at our Annual Meeting next Thursday!