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Friday Updates and Information - August 7, 2020
Posted on August 7, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello and Happy Friday 
Tennis Committee
Calling all Ashburn Village tennis players. Men and Women!!!  Please join our Tennis Committee. We currently have 7 women interested in establishing a new Tennis Committee. The Committee is responsible for planning tennis and pickleball social and making recommendations to the Board. If you would like to join the Committee, please email Ana at our HOA Office. awilson@ashburnvillage.org. Management will coordinate on Monday to host a meeting for all interested. 
Call for Candidates
The nomination form is located in the August Villager and online. There are 2 open positions for this year's election. If you are interested in running for the Board, please fill out the form online and submit by Monday to be included in the September Villager. 
Beech Dam
The County met onsite last week to look at Beech Dam, as there has been a reported seepage for years. The County has finally agreed to fix the leak. Several engineers were onsite to assist with the investigation. Miss Utility will be out to mark all areas before any work begins. The County will contact the Association with a full report before they begin drilling or installing any pipes for observation. 
It Takes a Village Virtual 5K/10K Charity Race September 11th-13th 
Participate in our first virtual race form anywhere. All proceeds from the race benefit Callen’s Cause for SIDS research.  
To register click here, all participants will receive a race t-shirt, commemorative bib, custom medal and other promotional items!
Distance Learning Program 
The Youth Program at the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion will host a Distance Learning Program for Ashburn Village Residents in elementary school. Due to COVID restrictions, per regulations we can only accept 16 children. Registration will be done on a lottery system. If we have more than 16 kids signed up by Monday August 10th. For more information on the program, please click the following links below
General AVSP Reminders
  • Masks are now required when you enter and exit the facility. (They are not required when engaged in physical activity.)
  • Temperatures will be taken when entering the facility 
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 6am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-5pm
  • Teen Weight Training Hours Workout Days/Times: Monday - Thursday 8am-10am
  • Teenagers between the ages of 12-15, are able to use the weight room & cardio area under the supervision of one of our Personal Trainers or Fitness Attendants during the designated time if they are teen weight trained certified.
  • Teens must have a Parental Signed waiver on file and review the updated Social Distancing and COVID related policies in place (Included below).
  • Teens must pick-up a wristband from the AVSP Front Desk upon arrival for Teen Workout.
Out of service weight machines
In order to ensure there is at least 6 feet of space between members when using the weight machines, every other machine has been placed out of service. We are alternating which ones are out of service weekly.
We have been having regular issues with members ignoring or removing the signs to use their favorite machines. Do not remove the signs and use the out of order machines. The six feet spacing is a re-opening requirement. If your favorite machine is out of service, please ask one of our trainers for alternate exercises to try.
Social Distancing on the gym floor
The gym floor has been laid out with social distancing in mind. We have taped off 6 feet box areas for members to stay within, created a walkway and have signs posted regarding social distancing and cleaning your equipment.
The spotting restriction comes directly from the state, copied below... "Facilities must also prohibit the use of equipment requiring more than one person to operate, unless those operating are from the same household (e.g., ...weights when it requires a spotter)." 
Unless you are from the same household, you should workout within your own box area and keep a 6 foot distance as much as possible. This applies even if you are coming to the gym to workout with a buddy.
The four station cable machine does not allow for 6 feet of space between users, so only one member can use it at a time. It's not ideal, but again, it's a space requirement. You can absolutely do a set, step away and allow another member to work in and take turns.