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Friday Updates and Information - July 17, 2020
Posted on July 17, 2020 1:35 PM by AVCA Management
Happy Friday. 
Board of Directors
The Board and Management want to remind everyone that our next Board meeting is Tuesday, July 28th.
As soon as we are able, we will host our meetings at the Lakes Center again. Until then, we will host our Zoom Virtual Meetings. 
Everything you need to know including updates is posted on our website: AshburnVillage.org.
  • Paving, Sidewalks and Curbs are in progress.
  • Multiple fountains are down due to fishing wire and the engines burning out. They are currently in the shop.
  • The Landscape Committee has been busy completing their projects on the Boulevard. The new trees and landscaping are almost complete. The watering trucks are now in place. 
  • We have received multiple complaints regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the Ashburn shopping center. Management met with their Management company and walked the property twice. The entrance sign areas need to be weeded and mulched and all grassy areas maintained. They removed 36 stumps and are still trimming back trees. We will meet monthly for a punch list walk through.
  • We also received complaints regarding the gas station on the corner. There seemed to be a pile up of vehicles, dead trees, no mulch and weeds galore. I met and spoke with all parties and they have removed the vehicles in their parking lot and are trimming trees and grass immediately. Trash, signage and debris have been removed. They pulled all weeds, planted flowers and laid black mulch yesterday! It looks so much better!
  • Our residents must be compliant, so should all our rental properties and leases. 
Sports Pavilion
Pickleball –
  • 2 courts at the Mills- furthest court in the left grouping of two courts.
  • 2 courts at the Pavilion- on court 2 next to the blue shed.
  • 2 courts at the Woods- court closest to the blvd
  • 1 court at the Lakes- furthest court under the lights.
There are 2 sets of Pickleball nets at the Pavilion for use. You must show your ID to take a net and bring it back to the Pavilion when done. We are trying to coordinate a plan to have nets at each court site. 
AERC Committee
A huge thank you to our AERC Committee and Covenants staff. The HOA office receives approximately 75- 80 exterior applications each month. The HOA staff processes these applications and forwards them to the AERC Committee to review and approve. Our Covenants team puts together the applications and will speak with each homeowner in regards to their modifications, if more information is needed. Some applications are easy and very detailed. Others require more information and a site visit. The AERC Committee, which is made up of Volunteers, will drive over and review the application and meet with a homeowner if needed. While the office staff is paid, our AERC Committee is made up of volunteers who spend hours each week reviewing applications. This is done as it is required per our Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of Ashburn Village. We appreciate our AERC Committee and thank them for all their hard work. Our goal is to make the application process easy and to assist homeowners in their exterior modifications.
Landscaping Committee
Laurie Ferguson and Terry Brickerd lead our Landscape committee. The work being completed on the Boulevard and around the Village has been in the works for over a year and a half. We have had many awesome volunteers and continue to ask homeowners to attend our landscaping meetings and volunteer. Part of the Landscape committee was a tree replacement and removal team that was headed up by one of our long time residents. We have ordered wall size maps of the association and are beginning to map out locations for replacements trees. A huge thank you to our Landscape volunteers past and present.
All areas to be paved will receive door hangers and signs will be posted. Once the actual paving begins you may NOT drive on that area for 24 hours. There will be plenty of signs and additional information to follow. 
The Lakes and the Woods are open with 2 and half hour time increments. We ask that all residents practice social distancing. Please do not congregate around the ladders and hang on them. If you are with family you may sit together but if not you must sit at least 6 feet apart on the pool deck. All of this information can be found on our website.
Same reminders every update:
All dogs must be on a leash at all times. While on the leash please control the dog and not let your dog run across all the neighbors front yards / private property.
Pick up after your dog. Remind all family when walking to pick up after the dog. We have over 60 pet waste stations WITH bags.
Social distance on all paths and trails. Please move to the side if stopped and chatting. ????
Bag all trash and place in bins. Do not place trash bags by the curb or posts. All trash must go in an actual bin.
If you live in a townhome, do not monopolize the open parking spaces. The visitor spaces are for visitors not for homeowners to park extra vehicles.
For all our amazing homeowners who abide by the Rules and Regulations, we thank you for being a great neighbor. If you have any questions please call the office.
Have a great weekend!