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Pool Updates and Information
Posted on June 29, 2020 2:30 PM by AVCA Management
We are very excited to announce that 2 of our pools will open for resident enjoyment as part of the Virginia Phase 3 Plan that was announced last week by the Governor. The Management Team and Facilities and Grounds Team have been preparing and executing a plan to re-open the pools and Pavilion facilities.
This Wednesday, July 1st, we will be allowing the following facility uses in compliance with the Governor’s Guidelines for pool usage at the WOODS and the LAKES.
No guests or outside members may attend the pools. Once we are open and can properly regulate and ensure everyone’s safety, the Board will reevaluate. 
  • All residents 18 and older must sign a WAIVER.
  • You must present the waiver to the lifeguard before entering.
  • Residents must bring their own chairs and towels.
  • All pool furniture has been removed from the pool deck.
  • You must place your chair/towel at a 10 foot distance from other residents not from your household. 
Woods and Lakes Pools will open Wednesday with 2 ½ hour increments. 
  • 11:00 am –1:30 pm Close and clean the pool area from 1:30 to 2 pm.
  • 2:00 pm –  4:30 pm Close pool and clean areas 4:30 pm. 
  • 5:00 pm –  7:30 pm Close pool and clean 7:30 pm
  • The Woods Pool - will operate for open swim from 11 am-8 pm daily beginning on Wednesday July 1st. No reservations are required. We are limiting the occupancy to 60 residents. We will begin opening the pool in 2 ½ hour increments with 30 minutes in between to clean before the next block opens. Residents will check in through the front desk, enter through the locker rooms, and exit through the emergency gate. 
  • The Lakes Pool - will operate for open swim from 11 am-8 pm daily beginning on Wednesday, July 1st. No reservations are required. We are limiting the occupancy to 70 residents. We will begin opening the pool in 2 ½ hour increments with 30 minutes in between to clean before the next block opens. Residents will check in and enter at the front desk and enter through the gate and exit through the emergency gate.
We strongly encourage all residents to not use the restrooms. The showers are closed. 
We ask all residents to be patient with the lifeguards and staff. This is a first for everyone and we are trying to have all our amenities open as soon as possible.
Anyone 18 or older must sign a waiver to enter. This will be saved on file so you don’t have to sign one each time you come. We will provide the waiver in an email link and on the Website. Residents must bring the waiver prior to being allowed admission to the pools. Residents that are sick or symptomatic must stay home.
In years past, our local pool contractors brought college students from other countries to lifeguard each season. Due to COVID and the travel ban, all of our lifeguards this season are local residents. We ask that you be patient and understand that this is new to everyone and the lifeguards don’t make the rules. 
Masks are required at all times (except while swimming) or sitting on your towel or folding chair. A minimum of 10 Feet must be maintained while on the pool deck, in the water (except while passing in lap lanes). Hand sanitizing stations are provided at high touch areas throughout the facilities and residents are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.
While this is a major step forward to welcoming residents back to using our amenities, residents should be reminded that rules for facility use may need to change rapidly with little notice. We cannot assume restrictions will be lifted as we progress into the summer. We must also be prepared for more restrictive regulations if the situation changes. We are working diligently to comply with the rules and restrictions that are placed on the HOA by the state and local government agencies who stipulate how we operate our facilities during this crisis.
Q: When did you start planning to open the facilities?
A: The HOA Team began planning the reopening of our facilities and amenities the day after they were closed in March. Weekly meetings were held with the vendors and staff. Draft proposals were included in the board package in May and June for Phase 1, Phase 2 and, Phase 3 scenarios.
Q: Why did the Board not open the pool sooner?
A: The Board is not the sole determining factor when our pools open. In a normal year, our pools can only open after a health inspection is completed. Our pool vendor works with Virginia health officials and our management company to ensure our pools pass final health inspections. 
This year, because of the pandemic, an additional requirement has been added. Virginia Health officials must review and approve a detailed operating plan which demonstrates our ability to comply with the ever-changing rules and regulations during this crisis. In addition to that plan, our pool vendor has additional requirements to protect the safety of their employees. At the same time, we must also protect the safety of our management team and our residents. A tremendous amount of work has gone into planning for the opening the pools.
Q: Why did we not open in Phase 1?
A: The added cost of opening our facilities in Phase 1 combined with the limited number of residents who would be allowed to utilize the facilities, because of occupancy and use restrictions, was too high.
Q: Why is the capacity so low?
A: Capacity limits during the crisis have been greatly reduced because of distance requirements. The easy way to explain this, a person standing on the pool deck must have a 10-foot radius without another person. A calculation is done using the square footage of our deck space and the distance needed between residents. This number is lower than our normal capacity limits.
Q: What is the capacity of our facilities?
A: Phase 3 total capacity allowed, including employees, using 75% capacity and 10 feet of distance.
Lakes Pool – 70
Woods Pool – 60 
Q: Why can’t I bring guests?
A: The operating plan submitted to Virginia health authorities does not allow guests.
Q: What happens if someone with Covid-19 enters the building?
A: If a person with a case of Covid-19 enters one of our facilities, we are required to shut the facility down for 72 hours, we must notify authorities of all people that person may have come in contact with. We cannot stress this enough, DO NOT ENTER one of our buildings if you are not feeling well. If you are in a high-risk category, follow CDC guidelines.