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Friday Updates and Information - June 12
Posted on June 12, 2020 3:00 PM by AVCA Management
Homeowners and Residents:
The Board of Directors and HOA Management, with the advice of our legal counsel, made the difficult decision to delay the opening of our pools until July 1, 2020. The State of Virginia, as announced by the Governor, entered Phase 2 today but imposed significant restrictions on our ability to open the pools for ALL residents. Phase 2 restricts the pools to “lap lane use only” or “instructional swim” with 3 people per lane and only 18 people on the pool deck. The very restrictive procedures mandate masks and gloves for the lifeguards, bathrooms to be cleaned after each use and pool areas to be sanitized between uses. We are currently working with our pool contractors to train lifeguards and ensure we have a process to open pools by July 1st.  
We are very anxious to open our pools for ALL residents, as soon as it is safe for ALL of our residents and staff. Thank you for your continued patience.  
Very Respectfully,  Board of Directors and AVCA Management
Loudoun County continues to keep playgrounds closed. 
Remain Closed. Basketball Courts can be used to shoot balls only, no games are allowed. Hopefully we can open them up next week. 
We remind everyone that all lakes and ponds are Catch and Release. You do NOT want to eat these fish. Also, if you are walking and see the fishing wire, please pick it up or move it out of the lake. We currently have 2 fountains down as all the fishing wire gets churned into the motors. We realize many people fishing are not Ashburn Village residents and the Board is trying to come up with a solution to minimize all the outside traffic. Until then we will post signs and continue to try and patrol the areas. 
For the first time ever, we have homeowners requesting we start inspections again. This is due to the many homes that are not maintaining their yards. MOW your grass. We receive the biggest complaints regarding rental homes. Please speak with your tenants. It is not fair to your neighbors that your house looks like a jungle!
  • The Board discussed the paving contracts and tree policy. 
  • We discussed waivers and the legalities of the pools and Pavilion opening. 
  • 5th of July Fireworks are postponed due to the State of Virginia Phase 2 restrictions and recommendation by the Fire Marshall and Loudoun County. 
Gayle and her staff are SO excited to welcome everyone back. Modified hours for now are :
  • 6am – 7pm Monday through Friday
  • 7am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday 
  • 18 or older you must sign a waiver
  • Under 18: parent must come in and sign the waiver and then it is kept on file. 
If you do not have an access card for the Pavilion or pools (when they open), please contact Ana at the HOA office awilson@ashburnvillage.org Or log onto our website. AshburnVillage.org for more information. 
If you need a replacement card, it is $5.00 to replace. Cash (exact change ONLY) or check.