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Friday Updates and Information - May 8
Posted on May 8, 2020 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
Hello Homeowners and Happy Friday,
We hope everyone is safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.
The Governor spoke today at 2pm regarding the anticipated roll out of Phase 1. Based on the numbers continuing on a downward trend, Phase 1 would begin on May 15th. This has no impact on operations or openings here in the Village. The Pavilion, pools, playgrounds, courts and fields will still remain closed per Loudoun County and the Governor's orders. We will continue to monitor the Governor's website and update you when information is released.
Management is currently working on RFP’s for Landscaping and Trash Removal. We plan to go out for bid soon.
  • This week our Facilities and Grounds staff is working on getting the pools ready. When the time comes to open, we want them ready to go.
  • F&G replaced old signs and installed new signs around the lakes and playground areas.
  • We are working with a tree removal company to remove all the downed trees from the storms.
  • Currently we are backed up on lights. The large amounts of rain has made it impossible to change the bulbs.
  • Gayle and her limited staff are cleaning and getting the Pavilion ready. They are sending weekly updates to inform everyone of their schedule.
  • Drains and swale areas are being cleaned out due to all the rain.
During this time we are receiving multiple complaints regarding homeowners and renters. Please read below and see how you can do your part to be a good neighbor.
Mow Your Lawn 
We understand the large volume of rain but many yards, especially the townhomes, are knee high in grass. It is not fair to the homeowners who take great pride in the way their home looks to have a jungle next door. If you have renters, please make sure they are taking care of the lawn. The Association should not have to mail you a violation letter for you to take care of your property.
Pick Up the Papers
In driving through the Village, there are multiple homes with 5 newspapers and flyers in the driveway. Please remove these as they blow all over the neighborhood.
Trash Cans and Bins
We are receiving more complaints now than ever. With multiple people working from home, this should not be an issue. There should NEVER be a trash bin or tote out on a Friday or over the weekend. The tote may go out on Sunday after 5pm.
Please be neighborly and park correctly. Driveways and garages are to be used. It is not right for a homeowner or renters to park in front of their neighbors' homes daily and leave their driveways open. Do not park across the sidewalk or apron.
Do not feed the geese. We know they are cute and you are bored, but they leave a mess on the trails. Again, we pay Goose Rangers monthly to come and chase them away. Cathy is the owner and you will see her with her with a big jug and border collies. She has been with the Village for years and is an interesting business owner. Say hello to Cathy when you see her out and about.
Stealing the Fish
The association pays to stock the fish in the Lakes for CATCH AND RELEASE fishing. We stock carp, bass, minnows, catfish and other fish. We purposely stock bottom feeders and algae eaters. Lately we have received multiple complaints regarding people fishing with coolers and actually taking the fish. If you see someone taking fish please let management know, as they are very expensive and in the lakes for a reason.