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Friday Updates and Information - April 22, 2022
Posted on April 22, 2022 4:00 PM by AVCA Management
  • Ashburn Village Spring Yard Sale, Shred, Paint Recycle Event, Saturday, April 30, 2022 -8AM-1PM
  • Virtual Racquet Sports Committee Meeting, Tuesday, May 3, 2022 - 12 PM
  • Virtual Landscape Committee, Wednesday, May 4, 20223 - 6 PM
  • Special Board Meeting - Finance, Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 630 PM
  • Virtual AERC Meeting, Thursday, May 5, 2022, 6 PM
The following are the major decisions that the Board of Directors made at the April 20 board meeting: 
  • Approve artificial turf to be installed in the fenced in area outside the sports pavilion. 
  • Approve upgrade of pool lights to LED at the Lakes Rec Center. 
  • Approve replacing the caulk at the sport pavilion outdoor pool.
  • Approve extension of netting at Fincastle baseball field to catch foul balls. 
  • Approve formal request to the county to install no commercial vehicle parking signs along Ashburn Village Blvd. and Gloucester Drive, which are state roads. 
  • Approve formal request to the county to make bike lanes on Ashburn Village Blvd. and Gloucester Drive, to connect to the W&OD trail. 
Annual reviews have begun. It's a good time of year to walk your property. Please remember to put your trash cans away promptly and mow your grass regularly. Thank you for maintaining your home.
AVCA inspectors have right of access on lots while conducting architectural inspections. We will not enter fenced yards or stand on decks.
  • Projects completed this week by the Facilities and Grounds crews:
  • Installed new LED lights in the mills pump room
  • Installed new LED lights in the lakes pump room 
  • Repaired lights on the light sweep list
  • Installed new dog station at the dog park
  • Installed new dog station behind Pomeroy
  • Started installing fishing line recycling containers
  • Picked up trashcans on Mossy Glen 
  • Installed pool canopies for the season
  • Replaced four 13’ light poles 
Ashburn Village Blvd (and all our roads serving single family homes) are VDOT controlled. AVCA does not have jurisdiction to enforce parking. Commercial trucks and/or trailers are not permitted to be parked on these streets. If you see one, you may call the Sheriff's non-emergency number 703-777-1021 to report the parking violation and an officer will ticket the vehicle. Or report online HERE.
Fishing Line Recycling
Announcing Fishing Line Recycling Containers
AVCA has installed monofilament fishing line recycling containers at our lakes. Please use them to properly dispose of used fishing line.
When disposed of improperly, monofilament can be hazardous to marine life, scuba divers and even boat propellers. Even when put in the trash, monofilament can end up harming wildlife at landfills. When possible it is best to recycle used fishing line.
Want to go Native?
May 10th at 7PM at the Lakes Community Center
Internationally recognized native landscaping expert and host of The Native Plant Podcast, John Magee, is coming to Ashburn Village to introduce you to a trend that is taking our nation by storm – using native plants in your landscape! Saves money. Better for your health. Better for the environment.
AVCA has been associated with John for several years now. We were fortunate to be one of the early movers in the “going native” movement when he installed our Pollinator Gardens at Ashburn, Tippecanoe and Beech Lake in 2017.
Click HERE for more information and pictures of our pollinator gardens.
Looking for a Summer Camp for your children? You’re in luck! Rise Camp enrollment is NOW open for Village Residents. All information can be found HERE on the Ashburn Village website. How to enroll for Camp? Please email Youth Program Director, Erin May at emay@ashburnvillage.org and you will set up an appointment to go over all paperwork before enrolling.
Updated Indoor Pool Hours effective April 1st 
Monday-Thursday: 5am-9:15pm
Friday: 5am-8:15pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7am-5:15pm
The Ashburn Village Spring Yard Sale, Shred and Paint donation is next Saturday 4/30. If you want to register your house to be listed on the map as selling, registration has been extended to midnight on Sunday 4/23, register here. Maps of all houses selling will be available online and will be emailed out on Wednesday 4/27.  
We have over 360 runners registered for the Fiesta 5K/10K on May 7th, if you are not one of them, Register now! All proceeds benefit Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter. 
Spring II Group Tennis Registration is now open for Residents. Spring II will run May 2nd to June 12th. You can register HERE.
To view information regarding Ashburn Village Tennis Leadership Changes, please click HERE.
Swing By! You are invited to Ashburn Villages 1st annual Grand Slam Tennis Social on Friday 4/29 from 7:30pm-9:30pm, for more information and to register please email tennis@ashburnvillage.org 
Student Holiday Camp for kids ages 5-12 on Monday, May 2nd 8am-6pm
For more information regarding camp or how to enroll please contact Youth Program Director, Erin May at emay@ashburnvillage.org
Vandalism and guests sneaking into AVSP 
We have had incidents with teens trying to sneak non members in this week or giving out their membership cards to friends to use. We please ask that you remind your children that only residents/members of AVSP are allowed in. Guest passes can be purchased for $10 a visit at the front desk and teens aged 13-18 may bring in 1 guest at a time. We will be updating outdated photos as well to ensure pictures match up. 
Additionally we are having an increase in incidents with vandalism of property by teenagers at AVSP, we please ask that you remind your children that this is a community center that your dues fund, any damage they cause directly affects the entire community. If a member is caught causing damage to property or sneaking in a guest they will face temporary membership suspension. 
Please Leash Your Dog
All dogs are required to be leashed unless they are on the owner's property or if the dog is a service animal who is otherwise under the handler's control.
For more information about Loudoun's animal related laws, please refer to the Loudoun County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 612.13 under Running at Large.
A homeowner regarding the Fishing Line Recycle stations:
"Thank you for installing these. It’s a great service to the community and environment. I really appreciate it."
Learn Pickleball
Interested in learning how to play the fast growing game of Pickleball? Have you never played, or only played a few times, and need to get your skills up just a bit?
Join us on Sunday mornings from 8am-10am in the Sports Pavilion gym. Paddles and balls will be provided.
(More experienced players are reminded that the Pavilion offers pickleball in the gym on Monday night from 6pm-8pm, and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 10am-12n)
Hiring Lifeguards for Summer 2022
Free American Red Cross Training
Flexible Hours
Competitive Pay
Holidays Weekend Bonus: Up to $150
Referral Bonus: $100
Early sign-on bonus: $75